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The Night, I met a reader family

Not everyday I come across someone calling me out of the blue, “Jobless, I like your blog”. Well it just happened one night I met (not exactly met, but talked through the window with) this family. I was on my way home from Madurai, and around 1 AM, the bus stopped in the place called A1 plaza, on the way to Karur not sure but on some highway. The first time I had been to this place was with my mom, where we’d a leisurely mid night dinner. I fell in love with the place, there’s nothing so specific about the place, except it has a book outlet, a Petrol bunk, a canteen ( plus awesome coffee and tea,) and a couple of rest-rooms with a garden around, but it’s definitely the time when I first saw the place, made me fall in love with the place.

This time, I was alone, the bus stopped; I’d some 15 minutes, I got down to stretch out. This was definitely a Bus lag, and of course I’d this strange love for traveling in the SETC buses. Don’t know why, but a long night travel in a SETC, is something I started to love. I got an Appy tetra pack n came out and stood near another SETC bus, lazily sipping my drink, I was just loosing myself in the night sight with a cool breeze around. I was bit sleepy too, had my ear phone plugged in, with the song, “Tere Mere beach mein…” from Ek Thuje keliye. How romantic!!!

I felt something hitting my back and I turned to see a girl sitting near the windows in the bus and gesturing me to unplug my ear-phones, I removed the ear phone, and asked her, “Are you talking to me?”

Yeah, she was undoubtedly talking to me, “Hey Jobless! You here!!” How you doing?”
I managed to utter a Hi and replied “… yeah… Fine Err-you!! You know me”. I stood exactly like an idiot smiling away to glory. She told me that she is reader of my blog and she knew me. I really don’t know how she recognized me. I did put a photo, but! Well. Anyways…

She extended her hand out and I stepped in and stood on my toes to greet her. God How short I’m. No these SETC buses are monstrously tall. When she touched my hand, there was a deafening roaring sound in me,

Yeah, there was. The engine of the bus sprang to life, and it’s a Volvo bus (engine at the rear) she told her name twice and I couldn’t hear her name. The bus was about to move, and someone else shouted, “Barath, amma Barath!!!” I stood like a rock. And someone peeped out of the window and said, Hey son. I like your writing, keep going. Write more. All the very best, Son!

I kept staring at the bus till it went out of my sight.

I should have at least had the basic sense/manner to ask her out; I mean, ask her to get down from the bus. I stood surprised. My bus started and the conductor sir was calling everyone. When the bus turned towards me, the headlights hit straight on my face. I felt like I was out from a dazzle. Who are they? Why was I so dumb? I should have talked properly to them. And is jobless such a common household name, (at least in their family) But I felt so good that some stranger, somewhere could associate with my writings and me.

And whoever it is, Thanks a lot.

P.S. I dedicate this post to the reader family of Musings blog.


a Journey called Life…

He was looking forward for the journey. To him it is a fantasy to travel, where he can unwind him, himself and his life. Those nights when he travels in the bus, he recollects a thousand memories from his life to relive them. Some most memorable, some strange, some bad, some weird, yet it is his memories, he cannot undo anything about that. There is something gracious in the acceptance of those memories.

When nature brings her grace down the earth and blackens the day, he rests his head on the window sill and gazes at the road outside. He dives into his own universe of contemplation. Life passes by, like the scenery outside the window. There is an understanding that he derives in seeing the parallel road. There is always another track, but never THE right track. The highways, the not-so-good government buses or Volvos, something in them attracts him. He couldn’t stop wondering the wonderment that happens inside him.

The sights, the lights, the images of the night and the people in his life try to tell him some story, of which he could make no sense. In spite of all, there is this truth, that he had acknowledged long back; it is quite a tempting quest. “The better way to overcome a temptation is yielding into it.” The inherent urge to look forward through the window and to look back at those passed images shows him his curious as well as his nostalgic natures. He sets his world in the rewind mode and takes a tour back in time to learn from the life he had lived. But he couldn’t gain control over anything that goes past him or the things that he had walked past. Everything zips by him, before he could give a glance. This taught him the truth that had been growing fearfully inside him for a while. Some things are meant to be never seen again.

He learnt that, Life, like every journey has a destiny of its own, but it sincerely gives autonomy. As a taker of his journey, he never learnt this little truth/trick. Many times, when the wind of destiny blows hard enough to upset the journey, he forgets to remember that it was a breeze initially in the start. He wakes unto the reality to face it. But now he had learnt to take time to enjoy the chilling winds and the caressing breeze and to make the most of his journey to discover the best of his destinies. He sat staring at the myriad images of the night through his window.

When he could no longer contemplate, he took out his ear-phone and plugged in the music. It was indeed soothing-


It was a message from his friend, “once again wish u the very best for ur journey called life.. cheers!” He smiled. With all that, he now gave into his growing tiredness of the night.

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