Well… I’m just desperate enough now to write something here!!! because, i was absent/missing here for the last say three months. its long ever that I’d been away, except for reading a few posts, well I was quite off the hook, and now i’m back here in Hyd as a research scholar, re-searching my way… well guys,, keep tuned. catch ya all soon… Love to my Blog-friends and family….

P.S. My mom’s birthday today!!!! Love you lady mommy!!!!

P.S 2 Raul, a John Ab look-alike joined in HCU…. MA Mass comm. way to go juns!!!

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  1. Marutham

    LOL! // re-searching my way…//

    Well all the best! 😉
    Am sure there is nothing worse than this – not been able to do what we like- BLOGGING!

    And birthday wishes to ur mom!


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