Alive n Kicking

yeah! For the one who craved for holiday n travel… had been roaming like a God-forsaken soul…. Had a fantastic trip in God’s own country… Next post… The Monsoon Holiday
… first post with pics.. soon on the go…

In a major Holiday-hang-over

Went to coimbatore… My college n old times…..

Met Amazwi, Blogger Vignesh….. More on that .. soon

Oops! Off to hyderabad tomorrow, Got an interview. wish me all good luck…..

Sorry, been away from many blogs n blog friends-family… This post just to keep informed, am alive n kicking. catch you soon on your blogs…

Had a great trip with my lil bro after a long time….

On the way to be a research scholar soon….



  1. Mampi

    wow, what are you going to research on? What is the discipline under you are going to work? What is the field? Too many questions? Answer fatafat.


  2. The Seeker

    ma'm.. missed a few posts of urs. reading ur posts on my mobile now…

    Completed my masters in communication, Now applied in Comparative literature, planning to work in films of Jayakanthan, a prominent writer in tamil… also directed a few movies… Jayakanthan recently won Padms Bhushan award, and his movie “Sila Nerangalil SIla manithargil” (meaning some people at sometimes) is the first tamil movie to won a national award… and thats one of my proposal too.. lets see


  3. Jeevan

    That was indeed good to hear bro! and my best wishes to your research progress.

    will look forward to know more about your travel… the second snap was simply awesome 🙂


  4. Express

    wow wow, niccee pictures! 🙂

    glad u got ur well deserved vacation 🙂

    and hope u had a gr8 interview
    *fingers crossed*


    P.S. I'm in for MSc in mumbai 🙂 very happy 🙂 thanks for the good wishes 🙂


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