Oops!!! The Hypocrite Tamil

It is long time that I wrote something politically or a thoroughly opinionated write-up, though there are many to talk, there are a few that have been badly bothering me for a long while, especially the unwanted turmoil of LTTE issue in Tamil Nadu. Hey that is and that had been my take. How stupid is it on the part of the politicians of TN to make the people believe that they can help find a solution to the Lankan issue, It was nothing but an election-puller, a pickle to lick for Kalaignar, Amma, Ayya, Captain and every other crook. Well the question would be, why I refrained from writing anything on this. I just wanted to wait to make sure and more importantly the media to declare that the war is over and Prabhakaran is dead and gone. I have no affiliation/affection for him, but I did feel a little bad on his death. Prabhakaran was bad a leader, no qualms on that.

No I don’t want to get to the history or the intricate details or a post-mortem of why he failed/what should have happened. As a citizen, I would not want a third member to talk about the inner disputes of my country; I would want any third party/nation to better shut their mouth up, and Sri Lanka, would want the same, And I appreciate Sri-Lankan PM Rajapakshe’ autonomy and (partly) acting on his own. What it is that special affection for the Tamils, I had been called a betrayer of the Tamil-Elam cause, because I don’t support their ways and means or subscribe to that identity and Ideology, I wonder where thy-humble Humanity was when Innocent civilians in Israel/Orissa was being massacred because of their identity. I honestly cannot feel/cry for someone just because he/she happens to be a Tamil.

And Muthukumar, who immolated himself, for he cannot stand it, was called the Tamil citizen of dignity by one of the Tamil media. I call it the most ridiculous and disgusting act. I spoke to the same words to a magazine reporter, who asked me the same question, “How can I (being a Tamil) can speak so?” At times, I really don’t understand certain things of being a Tamil. And I couldn’t stand the highly hypocritical attitude of the Tamil. As Tamil writer Gnani tells, “It is not wrong to tell that the average Tamilian doesn’t have honesty in him”

And the most bogus election happened in Tamil nadu, everyone knows the story and of How’s DMK won the election and how the daddy had disputes with the centre on getting a share for each of his son/daughter and how congress had been aware of his well-I-know -how tactics. And now the elder takes care of the party at the centre and the younger the state. Rightly Jayakanthan, a Progressive writer in Tamil pointed out that DMK and ADMK are the evil-curses of Tamil nadu. And now it is at its peak. Let’s watch the Game. “Koothu nadakuthu paarir, Kaana Vararir

I had been never been a watcher of Reality-shows and recently being in a friend’s home. I happened to be one of its spectators too, how everyone in the family religiously watches the show. I couldn’t help myself not to get hooked. It was a finals and live-show, which went till twelve before they could finally decide whole-heartedly and declare the winner of the Air Tel-Super-Singer Contest. The Judge was evidently tired and wished he could better be let go. Ajeesh, a second year Visual-communication student won the game and Man, he was really an amazing singer, and now wonder he got everyone hooked. And sure, that would have been the talk amongst all the house-wives folk and in the work-place too.

I happened to read Ashokamitran, a prominent writer of 80s, on a friend’s suggestion in his blog. He was quite a fascinating writer, whose multi-faceted aspect is clearly reflected in each of his short-stories, one could not guess, what he is going to talk about next in his writing, His characters are from the wide-array of life; the women, children, laborers, actors, writers, middle class family man to the murderers, saints and his almost-to-the-minute psychoanalytic detail shows his humane side and his concern for the fellow-being. One cannot ignore him on a class/caste based position as a writer. It is evident from his writing, how he had this broad outlook on life and literature which is a pre-requisite for a writer.

Unlike other writers of Tamil, he is man who had a well exposure to different lives and situations. While the average so called Progressive-Tamil writer takes a stand as that authentic ethnic Tamil, who considers anything other than Tamil as a gross and gross-betrayal to the Tamil cause. I basically feel that the average Tamil-writer/Tamil has taken a cause and stand that he/she would write in the chaste-Tamil and would read only Tamil. No to English and a Big NO NO to Hindi. “We don’t need a National Language.” We will flourish in Tamil by repeatedly ignoring and murdering Tamil and only using it as the cheap and easy way to attain our petty political means and gains. Honestly, Let me Question, “How many of us can write a page in Tamil without spelling mistakes? And How many of us can name a few contemporary writers and the books for what and which works he/she is well known and well acclaimed?”

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  1. Rakesh Vanamali

    While it is important to pay heed to the local / native language, it is also good to know other languages and cultures, espcially since the world is becoming an increasingly smaller place to live in.

    A tolrant approach towards plurality in culture makes one's outlook much wider and mature, something that is much needed in today's world!


  2. Nautankey

    I don't think it is about being tamil,it is about being a human.The current generation is unaware of the wrongs done by sinhalese majority [shud also attribute the root of problem to british who used their divide n rule policy in lanka too].LTTE was the effect and the cause is something which we forget. Hopefully the cause will cease to exist and peace prevail,lanka is too beautiful a place and shud not be missed by Eco tourists.

    I tried watching airtel super singer,somehow could not carry on. I love the IPL kinda reality TV 😀


  3. Travis Bickle

    I guess you would allow this one.

    No I don’t want to get to the history or the intricate details or a post-mortem of why he failed/what should have happened.

    Yow know what,more than our parents,more than our teachers,the media raised us.And its not a surprise to see someone like you to make a mockery of one of the the worst genocides the world has ever witnessed.

    If you dont know about something,please dont write it.

    Koundamani will say in one film”kundu oosi vikravan,punnaku vikravan ellam thozhil athiparnu sollkuran”.

    Like that,any one who has a net connection can puke whatever on his mind,the question of authenticity should be regarded as an unnecessary one.

    “How many of us can write a page in Tamil without spelling mistakes? And How many of us can name a few contemporary writers and the books for what and which works he/she is well known and well acclaimed?”

    So,you are saying,You should have educated and you should have a profound knowledge in tamil literature to have patriotism and empathy.

    These are the some pages before commenting on this one.please go thru if you have time,oh,sorry you would be busy on writing something which you dont have any idea of.




    please just read this one alone and
    i want to comment on it


    How can you reduce the 30 years of freedom struggle to just few lines by i dont want to getinto intricate details.

    Yeah,its not a surprise to me,when more than 7 CR people were more busy in watching the IPL rather tan worrying about their own brothers.

    Society,its not comprised of people,its an enormous robot,which does not have sympathy for what is right or wrong,what is humanity,what is being human,and people like you make society.

    Barath,you must have read atleast 1000 pages before making a post on this kinda sensitive subject.

    Please dont quote any media on this,one national television asked two young guys in chennai,were they felt bad on prbahakarans death,they said no,then the stupid
    correspondent giving a statement like this”The tamils dont feel bad about it”,there are more than 10 cr tamilians world wide,and the media makes a mockery of itself by reporting like this.

    “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” Henry David Thoreau

    Please seek for truth,and it invloves time.

    Prabhakaran was bad a leader, no qualms on that.

    Then whos was a good leader?Gandhi,Mandela?

    Its so funny of people to put tags on people like hes good,hes bad?

    Whos good,whos bad?

    R u a good person?please just tell me what r the qualities you seek in a person to be certified as good?

    please let me know?

    Nobody does anything for nothing.
    To build a organization like that,single handedly without any financial support,against a nation is not a small task,you need will power bigger than a everest.Dont categorize the cause or the way in bad or good,we are not them,and we dont have rights to say this.

    There are no right or wrong things in this world,there are people who are lucky and some arent.

    And you are a lucky one,so you have the luxury of writing on one,than to feel it.

    And i can discuss about tamil literature with you if you have time


  4. Amilie

    Barath, one may or may not agree with the LTTE's cause, EELAM goals or Prabakaran's means to achieve them but i strongly believe speaking of Rajapaksa and autonomy in the same sense is an insult to autonomy itself. What Rajapaksa is carrying out in Sri Lanka is a planned mass elimination of an entire race in the name of war against terrorism. As a nation's leader does he not have a responsibility towards protecting his own people, whatever race they belong to or language they speak? And I believe its not a Thamizh cause but a HUMANITARIAN cause first. You don't have to be Thamizh to identify with their anguish, being human will do. 🙂


  5. rabbit

    already ppl have said a lot.
    i would say i liked that u raised it here. And i have to agree with most of what you wrote.

    @ Travis bickle

    well said mate…

    that's my philosphy 🙂


  6. writerzblock


    Good to read your honest post on this sensitive subject.

    Obviously, a lot of people have felt strongly about what you wrote.

    But I do belive that your intention was to talk about the hypocrisy of our Tamil politicians in Tamil Nadu and not the struggling Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    As you have spoken in your first para, our local politicians have jumped on the 'Tamil' bandwagon only to use it as a vote bank and not for any other reason.

    Well, as to what is the TRUTH…that is a trillion dollar question.

    God bless the world we live in. Bless us with peace and well-being.

    (P.S: Congrats on the blogadda bit)


  7. Rakesh

    i really found it weird that tamilians from our country were goin on strikes,rampages agaisnt the sri lankan govt…and y just coz they killed prabhakaran…and their actions


  8. Fantasies of a Lifetime

    I don't have anything against the LTTE's cause , equal rights is a good thing . But to turn into murderers for that is nothing short of terrorism . And to me anyone immolating himself , is nothing but plain suicide and cowardice . To honour that is plain stupidity . And as for the *** of our state , I did not expect anything less of them , to try and use any turmoil to their advantage , cause more disruption is what them ***(not so good with bad words) are best at.

    Nice post 🙂


  9. Kaber Vasuki

    Prabhakaran had reasons when he started out, but I agree that has nothing to do with our elections. Another big joke is MK's free tvs and rice for a rupee, dude where is the power and water? Politicians are all the same, like Prabhakaran – power corrupts I guess.


  10. Kiran Batta

    Being a non-Tamilian, I can't probably comment on the hypocrisy of Tamil people alone. Bit I reckon all Indians are hypocrites no exception to any community. Whats more important is How can we make sure that politicians do not take advantage of ordinary citizens' hypocrisy. A very well written and logically sounded argument you have put it here, keep up good work.


  11. Anonymous

    The author of basicallythejobless.blogspot.com has written an excellent article. You have made your point and there is not much to argue about. It is like the following universal truth that you can not argue with: The above two are not coincidences Thanks for the info.


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