Life @ Now.

Exams got over on 25th.. And I had been blissfully awake all night till 30th working on my Research Proposal.

Well had total fun, boozing after a short-while. I started boozing in late march and still looking forward for a last booze in the campus.

It is odd, staying put in a place and watching people leave, people who I met here and people who mattered to me more in the last two years.

And Now I’m here. Not knowing what to do, Haven’t booked my tickets still. Don’t know, should I stay here or leave.. but where?

Spoke to Mano after a long time, It’s been a year since he left the campus

Anu akka called me, it seems she hates coffee and that is what she gets all day. Life???

Many more Happy returns of the day Asish, My Alter Ego’s birthday today.

Have got two more major exams. That will determine what next?

Got a travel plan to kerala, Well Plans never works? Been a victim of plans often lately.

Just wanna hit at a place with no humans around.

And Kind of pissed off with things, lately????

It’s Okay Baru!!! Life….

And I need a Re-Invention now

Well, It seems Samby is back, Welcome back lil big bro!!!!

And I smell Jasmine, now… well Just a girl sat next to my system. I turned to look at her. Oh! Chechiyo???

And sorry people, will soon hit at your blogs too. It is just that I need some time to wake up from this Hibernation/sabbatical idling away …

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  1. Anu

    hope u did great in ur exams.. I understand the no mans land part of life well.. go through it and come back with a lot more posts


  2. The Seeker

    @ Everyone!

    Really sorry! it is time I get back to life and visit u guys soon..

    FIngers crossed

    @Anu, Hope V is doing fine. My love to the little one. And thanks for ur wishes akka,…

    sure bro! looking forward to make a change soon!!!

    will let u know!!

    exactly said, but i take too much time
    lets say i will be back soon!!


  3. The Seeker

    @ bedazzled
    Thanks bhargs akka, Liufe I wish I can write life here!!!

    @ devika
    ma’m thanks ma’m and glad to know you’re one too!!!

    @ Rakesh, hope u’re fine call u soon!!!
    My heart is just so dumb like me!!


  4. The Seeker

    @ writerz block\

    sorry pallavi akka, couldnt vote but sure will read and let u know you’re a fantastic fiction writer! sure it will be agreat read. sorry catch up soon
    love to rishi boyy!!!


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