soulfully yours

Life is right happening here, all I did was, lived it a moment, a minute, an hour , a day. And Just the same overwhelming me. Well, before anything goes amiss and I miss anything. Sorry, That I couldn’t catch up with many of the blogs. Really sorry for that. Just caught up here. Exams gonna start from tomorrow. And fine after that, I have no clue. except that there is more looking forward to life….

Will catch up everyone soon in their space. Take good care folks. Wish me good luck. 
Life beckons….. 

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  1. Rakesh Vanamali

    Good luck B! Thanks very much for ur text msg on Vishu! Apologies for not being able to respond! My fone wasn’t connectible to any available network in Ooty and I had a problem sending texts and making + receiving calls!

    Wishing U luck! Fare well!


  2. Jeet

    Hey! Congratulations on your exams!!
    I know u havent given them, but I have this thing for not saying all the best to anyone. Congratulations sounds way better! Already celebrate will you??!!



  3. The Seeker

    @ Fantasises,

    Thank you Vishnu,


    Thanks Pallavi akka


    Danks Bhargavi akka

    @Rakesh, will change buddy! thanks for the suggestion

    Thanks bro! and Now I’m a post-graduate, believe it or not

    @Rakesh Vanamali

    Thanks Raku bro!!! No probs, call u soon!!!


    thanks traveller

    Thanks Nishu!!!

    @Devika ma’,
    Thanks so much ma’m..


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