led by the uncertainties, drifted by currents of life, floating in the dreams of tormented love, searching for liberty, sheltered in a refuge- turned prison, wings stopping, from roaring to heights.

and then the blinded seeker finds his soul chained to Freedom.

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  1. Devika

    I really could not make out your mental state, Bharath..Living in the moment with all its uncertainties is absolute fun for me…that makes life worth a try…yet, absolute freedom can be the most dangerous of states…wishes, devika


  2. The Seeker

    @ Rakesh Vanamali, Yeah! Just expecting when this month will fly by,, Just waiting to taste the new slice of life, Just looking forward…… Can’t wait. seems like I have got a million things to do and a trillion things to change…….All geared up now to bask in the unruined days of the future…@MultiMenonHey Nikhy bro!!! yeah all set for that and You don know all the crazy things i’m doing now to keep my cheer up… will write a post on that!! and marriage, i’m the guy who is shit scared about commitment .. and marraige, not till 3o at least! apparently there’s more to life than girls, girls and girls….@HOBO..It happens bro! But it is that it takes on me too much at times, and I love all your posts,,, well me all set to unleash the traveller in me… @Devika ma’m..Well. honestly speaking ma’m. I have no clue what i want now, there is too much a uncertain uncertainity! I wish I get over this.. It is just that I want to let go off every shackle and live life raw… Just life….. I know it is too much to ask, but I believe that If i don’t get it now, I would not get it again.. I just want to make the most of now. for sure I know it wii be never again….and Thanks for the concern and I promise I am fine and normal,,, Just too much angst and anxiety, which I believe is normal for the age and also it is inevitable for a 23 year old.. It comes with the package na???


  3. Devika

    My dear now i get to know….such moments of confusion do occur…and its absolutely normal, i think 🙂but we can’t just break free and run after life…life is here, right here and being with others…sharing it all in possible ways, when needed is the way to get ahead, i think…I do it even at 41! :))love, devika


  4. The Seeker

    but ma’m. You know why I am so much like this, for a while I want to run away, travel, no roam like a nomad on the street. live life in its raw form, A short while, let me go off all the identities, shackles and be the nobody and live…. one day… I wish I can live like that…


  5. The Seeker

    @Keshi.Hello Keshi! Most welcome here!!! and thanks for your comments. Life is now… @SoldierDo I know you, you seem and sound so familiar. Welcome here bro!!! That cannot be a poem. It’s me…


  6. Devika

    Do it, my dearinform someone in your family and do it…As a teenager I always wanted to..and the first thing when I finished my Engineering exams was to run off to Trichur…I had a verbal offer from Laurie Baker’s Costford…got a hostel…and lived there freely to my heart’s content…Ofcourse, with in bounds as a woman…and i would get back home when i wished 🙂life is got to be tasted raw..to know what it means..:)as a woman, I had limitations, thoughdevika


  7. writerzblock

    Wow! ‘…chained to Freedom…’… how beautiful is that!! You’re a poet, Barath!! Didn’t know it earlier. Keep writing…its a great vent. It might help you find your destination.


  8. Vignesh

    Reading Life in the woods by Thoreau da, been a few days since we spoke…shall i say something… WANDER for that lets u reach the destinations that are not mapped, wander let ur mind wander the way it wants and some day ull reach where u wanted to go..Into the wild ? did u see d movie? see it now


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