And then i wrote….

It was quite a week, idling away from life, giving much a thought on the unruined days of the future was me, a life to live, and a life-time of memories cherished. Walking back from the lake with a friend, hand in hand, totally drenched, listening to the whispering winds, under an unusually dark sky , kicks our feelings of the gone days. The waft of the wet earth in the breeze announces the arrival of the rain. 

Huge bouts of cloud, about to burst into a chattering , like the sweet nothings, both filled with nothing , yet something. A couple of kids teetering back, discussing over hot samosas, the cricket match played, reminds you of your bygone era of childhood.You suddenly miss all those came, went and taken for granted joys of life and the word Nostalgia creeps up painfully in your mind.

And then it rained.

Thick sheets of water drops whirling down the sky in a total gay abandon. A world in blurriness seeps pat me, a guy running past us, ignoring the call of the wild, “Who would boycott a rain, only a fool would”, we talk in a high… A girl racing past us, in her cycle reminds me of the usual skimpily clad heroine in Indian movies and a mischievous knowing smile erupts. “Baru……. I know, “

Frogs croak from the nearby pond, and the soothing sight of the wet bamboos , the distant roaring of a thunder and a streak of lightning crack up in the sky, the thoroughly drenched and shivering dog stands under the cycle shelter, with a deserted look, all I want is to take him in my hands and hug him.

Suddenly you remember all those days which had a weather like this and when all those things happened . All those rainy treks/fights/talks hit in the the screen of your mind, which you prefer to keep forgotten. You suddenly remember a long lost person. And then abruptly try to get over it. If you are sentimental enough you would sing to yourselves. Rains have it in them to bring the most uncomfortable memories in you.. “pain and the hurt of the past float up, out of you like the  unkept naughty secrets.”

As JB ma’m puts it, “Rains also bring out a riot of colorful memories.” You remember the time when you feel so relieved as Dad reaches home by the first streak of lightening and all of you enjoy the hot chai-bajji in the hall discussing neighbors, politics, sports, friends or planning a shopping or an outing. Until it stops raining and you put on your shoes and run wild outside with your friends and your dog follows you, and play outside in the rain till mom finds you out in the rain and starts shouting, the night when it rained the hardest and you thought of the poor guys in the street who sit huddled under a tarpaulin sheet,  the time when the tuitions stand canceled for the rains and you had all those three hours to kill with your friends before reaching home, the first time, you sat on the rooftop, enjoying the breeze in the solitary night and cry onto yourself. ,the time at hostel with friends on a rainy noon and how much you missed home. The cup of streaming hot coffee and a cozy corner of the window with a book, the first time in the rains ,you gave your jacket to show someone you care, a walk in the woods with her, holding her close to you and feeling every fiber of your being in this life….

Walking along my thoughts, i just couldn’t help notice this old couple i was following all this while. Walking in the rain, with the man holding the umbrella in his hand, yet drenched and the lady leaning onto him, with her head rested on his shoulder. I wished a prayer and turned my way…

How true is the saying, “The best thing to do when it rains is to let it rain….”

P.S. Incidentally I have completed fifty posts, which can be called a feat for a lazily lazy person like me. I wish my love and regards for the unconditional support and warmth from everyone of my blog-family and friends. 

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  1. MultiMenon

    Seriously!!The best thing to do when it rains is to let it rain..And it brings in soo many wonderful thoughts,maybe a tryst with the past,hope..It symbolises soo many things..It didn’t in in madras in the near future..So wer r u now?? 🙂Nikhil


  2. Alphonsa

    Wow! The rain and every moment captured.. b’ful post! 🙂//I wished a prayer and turned my way// sometimes it makes us suddenly notice the good in everything and wish for only goodness na? suddenly makes us fall in love with everything around us… and yet, sometimes it feels strangely vacant, eerie and guilty, some unknown emptiness… yeah too nostalgic! 🙂and one of the best things I remember abt the rain is the sukku-thanni/coffee/tea that Mom makes 😀Congrats on ur 50!


  3. The Seeker

    @ Rakesh Vanamali, Hey raku… Thanks and yeah! Rain Just makes me Nostalgic at times, Nauseatingly Nostalgic too. Yet This Rainboy loves rain…. @Devika,Thanks ma’m.. been following your poems,, quite soulful, and exactly reflects the kind of person you’re… Rain has the magic to transport us to the confines of the past…@Sharadha,Athey Junior…. Just a thought…


  4. The Seeker

    @ Multimenon… Yeah! I liked it, The tryst with the post and tirades of the future… Hey Nikhy, i’m in hyderabad and did it rain in any past in chennai?? I don think so!!!Well It rained in coimbatore… @AlphonsaA warm rainy welcome here!! Thanks for the comment and yup rain constitutes many such happy little things of joys of life.. The Silent Witness to the million moments of a human’s life…


  5. Abhishek Chandru

    Rain! yeah i really do wish it rains in this part of the world i work now 🙂Rains are always special, ur writing makes me go back to the days wen it rained and i had my girl besides me……ah! life goes on…doesn’t it?


  6. The Seeker

    @Devika, Yeah No problem, ma’m.. Never mind, just wanted to let you know. Couldn’t find a way to communicate. At times, It happens.@Abhishek Chandruwell bro!!! I know.. Heard about the weather out there!!!Well.. sorry to probe too much.. “Had” and does that mean the same story there too! Ah-life.. I say… Yeah! I greatly believe. No matter what happens. Life goes on…


  7. Bedazzled

    Yaayyyy!! 50 posts.. keep it going, bro! .. Ah, rain .. dont get me started on that .. hot coffee and cozy corner of the window with a book !!!.. wish it would rain !!!


  8. mohit

    nice going dude… although I felt you were circumventing a main point in there, somehow, dunno what it was… I do agree… rains induce a torrent of emotions, which normal weather wudn’t have the power to…incidentally…I used to hate the rains earlier…they made me gloomy. But now, they just remind me of a certain intimacy (as I’m sure they do for a lot of others !)congrats for the half century!


  9. ...nIShAntH...

    happy fifty bro.!And sure…the sound , the feel and the smell of rain does brings with it a nostalgic feeling.Reminds me of the famous song by Frank Sinatra.Let it snow , let it snow.Cheers.!


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