The orphaned life

Life makes everyone an orphan. The more a person tries to relate, the more he orphans himself. No one can orphan anyone because it is just an opinion. A considered opinion. It is obviously an individual’s choice of being belonged. Even when blessed with a beautiful family and many special people, we, at times can’t help our self feeling like one. Things are fine as long as it is a feeling. Just a feeling.

We do have an odd way of feeling it. Don’t know why, but everyone wants to be an independent person. (Here it refers to being on one’s own). We often hear ourselves justifying, “People will not understand me.” And when things get even worse, we wanted to be left alone. I personally and seriously believe that half the persons who wanted to be left alone never really wants to be left alone. Well, remember little Anne Frank who wanted to be left alone and she was always scared that she would be left alone more than she wished. True to her fear, she was.

It is not that we want to banish everyone from life and lead a happy one. May be we wanted ourselves to be banished from worst things. We never really know whether this is Detachment or even if it can be called so. Sometimes we feel more orphaned, not physically or mentally but because of been let down by people or the fear of being let down. We become very hurt. It almost becomes an ache. Heartache. A chronic never ending heartache. We wish to have a consoling and an understanding soul than a loving one to let out all our darkest fears. Fears. Speaking of fears, everyone can truly be crowned “King of Phobias”. This is certainly not Phobiaphobia.

The very thought of phobia brings an inexplicable solicitude for our very own life. We are neither diffident nor confident. People tend to become brave, only if the situation warrants. We are not a coward still. We stand up and speak up for every injustice done to us. There are times, when we conveniently recoil and not mind things even when they go completely wrong. Why bother as long as I remain unaffected. Nice attitude, though not a good virtue.

Will our ability or choice to willingly relate our best selves to people and their lives banish this heartache, or help us to conquer our phobias or stop our souls from being orphaned? No, but this gives the Comfortable warmth to life in which a gentle hand reaches soothingly to calm the Orphaned soul.

Life certainly becomes better when we learn a thing which gives the “Feel Good” feel. When an invisible soul emanates from our soul to heal everything. When it willingly embraces everyone in joy and with total acceptance in love. Life by itself gives us the best, when it is lived. Only when lived. Not when despised, envied, feared, frowned, hated, loathed, worried and what not. Learning everything, we live. Life goes on. We get on, to run along.

Life beckons……



  1. alex

    “When it willingly embraces everyone in joy and with total acceptance in love. Life by itself gives us the best, when it is lived. Only when lived.”Yeah. 🙂


  2. Rakesh

    i personally feel its very imp for human being to interact with other and do away with stuff like no one will understand me and trying to be independent.Yes been independent is good but when it ried with EGO it can harness the person…


  3. The Seeker

    @ Rakesh Vanamali!!!Very true bro!!!@ Carpe diem!!!Most welcome here!!! Thanks buddy!!!@Mi!!!Thanks a ton mi!!!Missed you reading my posts! Take care da!!!!@RakeshQuite true, The quality of relationships determine the quality of your life!!!@Nishanth!!!Lovely one bro!!take care da!!!@Alex!Thanks ! That was long ago acknowledged! don mind bringing ur comment back here@ANonymousthe same to you too buddy!!!@Bingo!Thanks archana!!!@Express!!!Thanks shatabdiCheers!!!!


  4. Jeevan

    Sometimes we do without knowing what we do, unless someone point out or we learn individually in life. This post taught me something about life. I agree with your words, it tells the reality of human being. Very Nice!


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