What else happens? what else can happen?

Violence is worst, when it is mindless, but recent incidents of violence triggers a thought. Does Violence has a mind of its own? Today, violence has been either institutionalized mainly in the name of upholding certain stupidly stupid values, or a means for moral and cultural policing, or through thoroughly political insipid ideologies, there are so many –Tvas for instance, or religion sponsored/induced terrorism or an individual’s violent/sexual outrage.

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Violence, when seen as a means of exertion of power, gives a scope to understand the tactics and politics of its existence and its functionalism in the society. Be it the recent mumbai 26/11, or the mangalore incident where women in pub were attacked, this suits the frame-work of Violence. This particular incident, where Christians were massacred, it only bothered the honourable PM, when European countries pointed out its fingers and asked, “Manmohanji, what is happening in your country?” Poor PM, who forgetfully ignored it, amidst his busy schedule of fixing a deal with the US of A. 
In the case of Mumbai attacks,  it has become convenient for the media to gain popularity and increase its TRP and circulation rates among people by mere exclusive coverage of terrorism with all the gory bloodshed scenes. Aren’t they concerned about the dignity of the dead and gone? Well there are so many discourses that had been drawn on the mumbai attacks. The blatant attack on the north indians by Raj thackerey is an example of a political and institutionalized violence, where few people are actually employed and been fed and brought up with hatredness, then let out on streets to kill people. Well everyone knew, what argument was put-forth. North-Indians rob the local’s job. Mumbai stands actually on the city’s floating population. Thackerey can actually go on learning and then teaching the culture of the land  than talking all shit about the sons of soil theory. 
The recent attack of a pub in the mangalore and the following molestation of women by a certain clan claiming the protection of the culture in the name of Ram’s army. What better can the clan of Ram’s army do, when their Very guru, Shri Ram ji doubted his wife’s chastity. A women who goes to a pub has all the dignity that the same women in kitchen possess. How outrageous is it to strip women and grope them. A wonderment creeps up, whether Bhartat mata and Sita mata will be spared or will they too be subjected to disrobing and groping by these gang, if they go against the so-called norms/values of the society. What makes these creature feel they are superior and thus self-bestow themselves with the noblest duty of moral-policing.
At least political and communal violence can be understood withian all frameswork of politics, culture, economics, society and other all talked about parameters, but what can be said about last years incident in a new year party, where two girls were at the mercy of the revellers for a few minutes until some raised an alarm and the commissioner blaming the media, “Such small incidents happen everywhere.” One would probably wonder, would he change his mind, if it was his own daughter who were mishandled by such men in a small incident.
What  about the Noida incident, where the molested bodies were cut and dumped? why did the army commit such atrocities, which led a few north-east women to protest in nude? why did the police keep quite on the chennai law college student being beaten up?  why can’t the media Known as the watch dog stop such incidents than being mute and recording them? why do girls be subjected to acid-attack by men on the refusal-acts of love? why did AIADMK sadist followers  set the bus on fire ensuring the doors to be locked, leading to three girls been charred to death? Why do schools insist on corporal punishment, making the kids, feel like scum on the road, stripping them their self-esteem and confidence? Why did a movie like Slum dog millionaire exposing the brutal violence, celebrated for all wrong reasons? Why are the VIP kids let go scot-free, after killing pedestrian  with their filthily rich and lavished imported cars? why is the media celebrating and sponsoring terrorism?, Is there a different genre of celebrity-terrorism?
Aren’t we all getting immunized against terrorism by constant telecast of gory scenes and clippings of violent blood sheds? Don’t we all expect a good coverage of terrorism and tune into channels which promises an exclusive coverage/scoop? What does that ultimately mean? Don’t we all feel that intensity is more, only when causalities are in two-digit numbers? Didn’t the media make us believe that Obama becoming the US president would do all good to India, when poor Manmohan Ji is struggling with the prevailing pathetic situation?
There is so much mindless violence, (domestic, subtle and violent) in our country today, that we can no longer ignore that and claim values that made us greater once in the past. You may not like it or you may ignore it. but this is the naked truth that stares you right into your eye. Everything had been made to look like the daily routine, that we grew adjusted to it and give an instant knee-jerk reaction on reading and then resume life, till it affects you and me….
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  1. Raj

    “A wonderment creeps up, whether Bhartat mata and Sita mata will be spared or will they too be subjected to disrobing and groping by these gang ” Not if they are clad in their normal attire of Sarees. If they are found to be in a jean or other outfits, then not sure whats gonna be their state. Molested perhaps, stripped. Violence, is a language of the language of those who fear. Fearing for their own existence. Good to be back bro.


  2. ...nIShAntH...

    Over the past 5 years,..violence has increased 10 fold(or maybe more) be it communal or political.Something big has to happen otherwise india would be the one that sparks the armageddon.God forbid.Great post bro.


  3. Ani

    yes terrorism.. and violence has increased a lot over the past years.. i guess lot of this also goes to the media coverage that we get.. because of which it has made the whole world shrink.. there is some violence or the other at some part of the world.. thus ppl are gettin used to it..it is sad though.. but nothing can be done.. just hope that we can fight against it.. and hope to survive long enough not to extint our race..


  4. Sonu Manola

    “Is there a different genre of celebrity-terrorism?”A stirring post… i certainly share the angst that you feel. Indeed there is celebrity terrorism and unfortunately it hogs the limelight for all the weird reasons which only the group terror-celebration-mongers can drool upon. Media… its better not to talk of news channels that are a part of commercializing and capitalizing on these so called ‘unwanted incidents’. Its appalling that violence continues to exist and so does the tremor after the shock-waves. I am not being pessimistic here but i feel violence will herewith only breeds violence no matter how many prayers…how many philosophies we ourselves croon upon.. there are millions who are praying for the misfortune to end bu there are so many still who hate …perhaps…disregard the sanctity of MANKIND…Prayers if they are heard…’May there be peace…’


  5. uma kumar

    Like in life cycle of the world this seems to be the age of violence.we have to live with it.somehow mankind has developed so much hatred among themselves.it will peak and settle on its own but at what cost.only future holds the key.when I grew up,terrorism was not there in our vocabulary.but now my son will know it by default.


  6. Abhishek Chandru

    Well written dude, in todays world if violence does not happen we think something is wrong. We now have come to accept violence. The media hypes up the sentiments gets their TRP’s, we blame the cat and the mouse, hold debates and by the end of the day WTF happens?….everybody forgets everything and go back to their lives. Sad truth, but very true.


  7. Rakesh Vanamali

    Its sad that the Indian social political system is time and again falling victim to henious acts committed by radical fundamentalist groups whose only agenda in life is to effect talibanisation! We talk about technology, healthcare, internet connectivity, space travel and so on, but of what use, I must ask when such despicable acts are committed continually…… I’m sick and tired of all that happens and sometimes want to get out of this sick place!


  8. Ritu

    Very thought provoking Barath… True, until it affect us in person we become immune to it… I am aghast at the Mangalore incident… Seriously…Sita would not be spared either…such are these rotten times and I speak as a woman who has endured it, the shoves, pushes, groping, pinching etc..


  9. The Seeker

    @Wolfy!!!!Great to see you back here, bro!!! you were missed!!! Salutes!!!!@MirrorcrackedYeah!!! well True! Had been a media-basher! all the while, Half the terrorism and violence can’be stopped and controlled if those ba****ds can keep quite…@RituThat gives a creepy feel! How can men turn to such animals,,, yeah!! Hope there comes a change and time, when women has been let go off all her shackles… And live a life


  10. The Seeker

    @Raj!!!!Beautifully said,,, Well I dunno what these do called sena are upto!!!@Nishanth!!Thanks bro!!! Thats the least form of resistance that I can afford to show, In spite of not buying any of their stupid beliefs and ideologies!!!!@AniNot just blame it on the media! and also the stupid morons we, people who buy them….


  11. The Seeker

    @ Rakesh,Yeah! Sure ,, get rid of all those oldies, corrupted lot Give a new lease to the country!!!@Rakesh VanamaliEvery average Indian feels that way, Hope we can banish ourselves from everything!!!!


  12. The Seeker

    @ Sonu,Prayers if they are heard…’May there be peace…’The least we can wish! everything is constructed and sponsored by the God-damn Satanic Media!!!!@Abhishek ChandruSorry state of affairs bro!! we have become so much acceptant of Violence! We’re so immune. we don’t mind it honestly now..Thats the naked truth!!!@Uma kumar!Quite true akka! but It is a shame that we’re leaving such a place for our next generation…


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