The God of small things

No!!! This is not a review of the book, or Am not gonna talk about anything related to the book, There is always a coming back for everything on earth and for everyone… And So for me, for someone who didn’t write anything for ages, It is something little that does the wonder in life,

For I believe that little things matter the most in life.. THE MOST… And I greatly adore/admire/love/respect Arundathi Roy, who christened her book, The God of Small things… Happyness like the sands of the sea is made up of numerous little things, Life is made up of such numerous beautiful little things which make the short while a worth while occasion.

Be it watching a sunset, a cozy conversation over a cup of chai or a little shared dinner, a late night coffee or spending an evening with friends … And when I say friends, It sounds a little tricky… for What is a friend and who is a friend differs a lot in every one’s perspective. Someone who makes you feel good, someone who brings you a smile for no reason, someone who makes you care, go for him/her. Nothing great can define a friend and a friendship … It is often the overstated or the understated…

An unexpected catch up in the canteen, leading to an idle no-sense/no need of a sense/all sense conversation, a small walk the talk/hey am leaving/ hey see the sun/

A path through the dried grass, thoroughly littered with shit and shattered glass, and the tall bushes and tress, a careful walk among the once lush greenery, leading to the lake, the dried patch of the earth, a small make-over place to sit, a amateur flutist trying his level best to play sound and a musical response from the cuckoo or a peacock…. Watching the blue hues turn to the orange hues as the clouds magically sweep the sun home, the birds flying home in the V direction, the frogs croaking in the lake, a duck paddling its way to and fro, a small bird searching for the fish, the buffaloes grazing lazily, three friends chatting over, one desperately trying to play flute, the other playing and singing songs and the third other ever innocently watching the stupid acts of the two guys… One thing leading to the other, a talk about Tamil movies, One animatedly talking about her love for Tamil movies, and how she likes the dance of the actor Vijay *Sigh*,, Hey indeed Vijay a great dancer, but actor….. oh My God……

Then a photo session to follow, Oh! how much I love to click people,,, The most beautiful moments captured in the camera and frozen in the mind and every picture tells a story, how the picture was taken, what happened before, during and after… Listening to the old songs, the English rapp, malayalam Naadan pattukal, the Hindu devotional songs, Suprabhatam, “The best way to,” ….. get up in the morning, completes your friend.. How true, The joy of getting up early in the morning to the sound of the magical muse…. Some things just happen… The accidental meeting, the unplanned act of sitting together and watching the sun-set…

An unexpected Gift(s), The most beautiful thing in life is surprise, and the next wonderful thing is being surrounded with people who surprises you… An Unexpected gift, that too a book, It indeed feels great when someone gifts, and then a long ago requested cloth bag…. I felt so good…. An unexpected phone call, when you were busy sharing dinner, what feel is that when you turn into kids and share food, in spite fighting over the fish pieces and still sharing leaving the little for the sure-late-comer….

And a phone call to talk/share/ramble on about the recent Jayakanthan book read.. The Characters Ganga/Henry/Ranga/Kalyani who teach you what life is, An author with a fatherly concern who teaches you the healthy view of life, a non-judgemental writer, the greatest humanist-ever, and therapeutic words brimming with love. Jayakanathan, You made me a human… And tons of Thanks to JB Ma’am for having introducing this legend in my life….

What more can be asked in life than love, people, books, music and certain other little which you love the most and that makes life the more meaning full… They make you passionate and compassionate enough. What more is needed in life than to live life with love? What more can life be? when you’re surrounded by people whom you love and people who love you?

What more can be asked in life, when you know that life is in the little moments of happyness and life is only when you live, As Anu akka says,”what more life can be, when you have learnt, how to romance life…”

We’re conditioned to think that our lives revolve around great moments. But great moments often catch us unaware – beautifully wrapped in what others may consider a “small one.”

P.S1.Well I Thank Nikhil for His , Honest Blogger Award that He bestowed upon this Humble Blog And his Cho cho cho chweet words for me

“the tamil payyan-most men aren even half as honest as he is in his space,the longest posts in ma blgroll which is quite superb though you tend to struggle for words thaks to the sheer magnitude of his posts,fun loving,humorous and sexy.. :p).”

P.S2. And if you have noticed I had changed the blog name from Musings to Musings of a true believer. People Who knows me well, Know well about this Incurable optimist too and I believe that I’m a true Believer, an Inspiration from Nicholas Sparks..

P.S3. And, Recently I had been asked by a good friend of mine, to actually confess (anything) in my blog, I remember telling this to a friend, followed by a roar of laughter. But I believe in this still …, “I want to read with my lady-love, A walk to Remember in my first night and cry.” It’s now left to you to imagine, what kind of a man would want to read in his Nuptial Night……

P.S4. This post is dedicated to all my friends who have been with/through me, eternally.



  1. Annapoorani

    i was just thinking about these small things in our life which actually accounts for the true meaning of our life… when i was travelling in the bus… “Great things indeed comes indeed in small packets!!! “


  2. Rakesh Vanamali

    We often believe that some great thing will happen and thus our lives will change forever! In the process, we always neglect some of the very best things that happen around us and feel they are too trivial to take notice! I dont recall who said this, but I’m sure it will ring a bell…… “While history is glaring of big people and events, it is so often always shaped by the ordinary.”


  3. Fantasies of a Lifetime

    Welcome back 🙂 . . Nice post . .And true, Its only in small things that we live life to the fullest . .“A path through the dried grass, thoroughly littered with shit and shattered glass” . . Really ? u enjoy that 😛 ??


  4. Rajesh Batta

    Bharat at his best.. always thinking,observing,contemplating, finding happiness in everything in life 🙂i really loved this ending paragraph:“our lives revolve around great moments. But great moments often catch us unaware – beautifully wrapped in what others may consider a “small one.”That’s really true buddy. Most of the times gr8 moments in our lives just happens without our knowledge, those moments may seem small 2 others , but the person who experiences those knows the real value of those cute,silly(at times!),ever cherishable moments!!


  5. The Seeker

    @Rajesh,Thanks a ton buddy!!!! Life is indeed beautiful and we do share this beauty with others…. @VJ,Thanks for dropping by!! take care!!!@Ritu,Thanks chechi!! Aliyan ethiyo!!!!


  6. The Seeker

    @Fantasies of a lifetime,Hey vishnu,,,Small things matter the most in life, you remember the lake and the mini water falls that I described in the post HIS MORNING TRAIL.. its the same lake, which is dried, and I enjoyed the place, no wonder in that!! but at times, certain moods add an extra warmth to change the ambience enough that u’ll enjoy it, without you knowing that!!!! @Standby mind,,Thanks for the comment bro! Thanks for dropping by! do take care!!!@Rakesh,chetta!!!While history is glaring of big people and events, it is so often always shaped by the ordinary!! nice quite and very true indeed! one can see many such trivial things beautifully penned by RK Narayan! who teaches subtly the art of looking healthily at the trivial things in life,….


  7. The Seeker

    @Annapoorani,akka, payan padhuthatha pozhuthin alaga neesipadhum oru azhage… Aiyyam illai!! Great things come in small packets…@HOBO!!!!Thanks a ton for ur warm words of encouragement and love,,, @Bedazzled,,Very true indeed Bhargavi…


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