What’s my problem, dude!!!

I’ve been this way. My mind feels as if it has been through a roller coaster-ride. I don’t know why, I keep getting all this weird feelings. May be mixed feelings. I feel as if a big tragedy is going to befall me, am going to lose that-very-special-someone. Sometimes, I feel strangely-stupid. Being stupid is okay for a person like me, but this is strange. At times, I get so excited for nothing, other times, I feel very plain, just the usual aiyo-paavam-payan (poorly poor guy looks). sometimes I am very anxious, as anxious as a mother of a young girl who is on her first date.

May be work can do this to people, but why me? It is for people who work hard, I hardly work. For me, even the thought of work or just imagining to be working, tires my soul. And I need countless cups of coffee to get out of this depressing depression. What next? I became fatigue because of my compulsive consumption of coffee. When I’m about to work, I try to warm up to do my best, but in the course, I get heated up and eventually worn out. The very idea of chilling out, freaks me out now.

Am I born with a default disorder which is designed to develop dispersions as I go on?

If at all I manage everything and finally sit to work. I get all innovative ideas on how to evade work. It just then will occur to my mind how I never keep my surrounding clean. When I get to my cleansing work, my mobile dutifully rings, any concerned friend will be available exactly then. I end up talking all the worldly affairs.

I feel all the guiltier after the call. I try to concentrate with all my will power to concentrate on one work. To test me, I often indulge in this very useful exercise. I sit on the floor in an asana position and try to focus my mind on nothing. I intensely command my self not to think about anything, but nothing. I suggest that I should do nothing for the next 30 minutes. I settle myself and spend a minute thinking how I should go about it and suddenly my alarm goes off. Cursing my forgetfulness, I get up to make sure that I shouldn’t be disturbed by anything. I visit every room to check all potential disturbance factors such as Television, radio, mobile, alarm, music system are completely put out. By the time I return, there is a knock at the door. It must be my post-man. I return to my room with the recent issue of The Week. I flip through the pages to read my favorite column. Oh! then I remember my mission. I drop my magazine and resume my asana position. It is already 12.30 PM and I’ve got to meet my dentist at 2Pm. I again do the follow-up procedure and concentrate on nothing. I can hear the sound of the fan in the next room. No let it. Who cares? I should concentrate. I think about calling the clinic to check with them, but why worry, I have an appointment. I make a mental note to brush my teeth before I leave. I think I need to wear my other blue jean and the red tee. Should I take some cash from the ATM? Did I get the card back from mom? I should concentrate now on doing nothing. And the telephone rings. I forgot to completely put out this potential disturbance factor. I get up half-heartedly, thinking how annoying these telephones are.

It was my dad, asking me if I’ve booked my ticket for the next week’s journey. I wonder why he should ask that now. I tell him that I will do that today and let him know. I hung up the phone wondering whether this trait of being futuristic run in our family genes. Anyways I should wash my black jean; it has been nearly two months. I think about doing something and enter the kitchen to have a cup of chai and to go about the day.

Actually this is what happens to people like me, who plan to overwork, but end up doing nothing. My only problem is that I over-plan, take too much in my plate than I can afford to eat. I should rather prioritize my priorities first. But before that, more importantly I should learn to talk less. I know that I talk more, more enough to actually annoy anyone who never gets easily annoyed. Vinu calls me, “a potential threat to anyone who wants to work, even anyone who works in my vicinity will be affected by my strong aura with an unassuming ability to actually annoy people.” Cool. I remember how he was always patient with me till one day- When he literally slapped me just because he couldn’t stand my bugging him the whole day. Poor Vinu! How bad he would have felt! It really hurts me. But honestly I know inside, that it was less for what I did then. Yes I really love to talk more, annoy and bug people. Big Deal? See, I actually don’t know what my problem is- Whether my ability to annoy people, theatrical talent to talk more or multi-tasking (rather multiple planning) and special God-Given-Gift to do nothing and arriving at artistic ways of annoying people. It is not because I’m bored that I talk, annoy or bug, it’s because I love and I love to do these.

Have been this way since I’ve been this way. I know it is quite difficult for people to put up with me. Even I’ve felt that too and tried running away from me. But honestly, I just couldn’t come to think about my self abandonment. I get all this and once in a while I suddenly retreat to silence for the greater good. As how Anu akka calls it, “Hibernation” Scientifically speaking a bear needs around 20,000 calories of energy before it goes to hibernation and she tells me that “I would’ve spent the same amount of calories talking before I proceed to hibernate.”

Whatever it is! It is my problem and it is not my problem, but there is a magic in all this. I connect to people; get to know people when I actually talk with them and more than anything when I listen to people. I learn to listen more. Listening is the high art of loving. And when people get ready to share, it is these three magical words that amplify the power of love: Tell Me More.

And may be I talk more and more because I know that I (We) don’t speak enough.




  1. MultiMenon

    If oly u cud control..!! :pOn a serious note,if u aren jokin arnd,I think you shud make it sum enlightenment course like mayb art of living..??It wid definitely help..I am a better person post that.. 🙂Take Care coz I care..Nikhil


  2. Prakriti

    I can completely identify with the restlessness in which u have written this post. And guess what helps, just living in the moment! I take a deep breath and just look around and observe everything right from the things to people to sky to everything as just a millionth part of a greater conspiracy called the world and i really find peace and tranquility… Try doing that, it might help. And, I liked your blog, will be following it, hope u dont mind. 🙂


  3. Rakesh Vanamali

    I’m not very surprised at this…. coz, I kinda faced a similar situation sometime ago! Do the following:1. Dont plan2. Do exercise3. Forget about tomorrow4. Dont be critical5. Listen to music 6. Watch movies7. Avoid being lonely8. Get a pet9. Pray10. Learn to play a musical instrumentAnd most importantly, eat well and eat on time!


  4. The Seeker

    @Nishanth!Kind of! but not sure,, it’s more to than simply wacking days.. At least I think so bro! what say???@HoBo!I do that, but this God-damn lazyness kills me… Somehow I stick to it…@MultimenonHey Nik bro! that was nice to hear! glad that it made a difference! am quite fine n well here except for the holidays hangover..@PrakritiWelcome to the Jobless Blog! glad that u could relate with it.. and would be happy to see you around often.. take care! and I do that when things go out of hand.. I kind of get detached! and I feel that Detachment really helps. and true attachment comes only from detachment..


  5. The Seeker

    @ Rakesh VanamaliYeah am sure that it would greatly help. Provided I shud stop planning and be random, not random alone, ramdomly random.. Do a LOT of exercise, Forget the heck tomorrow. and Musical instrument! am regretting of all the time n opportunity I wasted, lets see bro! u take good care!!@Nilavan..Nee iruppa da! Naan irukkanume da!!!@Man In PaintingThanks bro! I believe Writing heals, a process of spitting out venom at times for me.. And Thanks for ur concern and the comment


  6. oo7

    a long time ago i wrote in my dairy..<>eyes roll beneith sheetssad dawn makes fools of us alltwo three times a week<>never plan..as someone said abovelet it be randomdon’t expect a lot…be realfeel free,have fundon’t be serious..just believe in yourself mate.write a lot…take care man..


  7. oo7

    Butterfliesthey know their placeexactly where they’re ment to Standwhen Time tells to fleeor flit away freethe length lingered upon hesitant handsnow where you are headingis Not who you arebehind paper and quilland the Urge you can’t killcause colorful ties only get you so farso remove those Shoeswith the Afterglow’s huesand walk proudly back intoyour own Backyardcheer up manlife’s waiting 😀


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