The Blessed Sleep. The Blessed, sleep!!!

Wish you a very Happy and a prosperous new year 2009

I knew that today should be a celebrated day in my life as I managed to get up as early as ten ‘o’ clock in the morning. I knew that I can still make it to my work, though I’m expected to report by 10. I never knew that I can be punctual. At last my three months of time management classes bore the fruits of hard work. See my only problem is that it dawns to me very early. When I tell early, it is very early. As early as ten in the morning. Honestly I don’t have any problems with getting up early. Whenever I tell this, people often tend to confuse with the two. You can’t blame a person for early dawns as also you cannot for getting up early (unlike the rest of the world).

Psychologists love to call this set of people who get up early as Early birds/Hawkers and the other set of people (for whom it dawns early) but who are supposed to get up late as owl/mongers. They advise not to worry about this as if I’d been worrying all my twenty two years. These people should understand that getting up early is a mere habit cultivated, but early dawning(As for people who get up late) is an art, a way of life. 

Sleeping is a blessing. 

I wholeheartedly hate/abhor/detest with whole of my heart a person who complains sleeping, just count your blessing, definitely not the hours. I don’t understand why people should be looked down for early dawns and why all goodness such as sound health and sound mind is attributed to people who can’t stay in bed after 3 am and get sound sleep. 

I pity them.

There are times when I felt bad for getting up late (speaking genuinely); for I knew that the rest of the world would love to call early dawning as getting up late. Nothing in life is as worth as making others happy. So henceforth I call early dawning as getting up late. 

I consulted a psychologist. He was calm, compassionate and listened to me with utmost patience as he started to see me as his patient. He gently reassured me that I need to practice getting up early. He suggested me Auto-suggestion, i.e. intense commanding of the self to get up early. I never knew that it could be easy. But disastrously easy. It is the regular tuning of the biological clock, but I understood that to me what matters most is the fine tuning of my alarm clock. First day before I slept, I auto-suggested and kept repeating, “I will wake up at five ‘o’ clock” and fell asleep to wake up at eight o clock. I wondered how well it worked for me. But one must wonder that eight ‘o’ clock is not five ‘o’clock. I never cared much about numbers as long as they stayed happily inside the clock just to view and not to follow. My second day was not bad, but the third day had the most intense results, though it scared my mother more. Astonishingly I woke up at 3 to find my mother standing near me. I was wondering how my auto-suggestion helped her. She told me that I kept repeating, “I will wake up at five ‘o’ clock” all through the night.

Again I met my Psychologist who again reassured me this time that it cannot be achieved over-night and only constant-persistent-efforts will help me. I took up a group therapy session (where birds of same feathers flock together) for few days. Oh I forgot to tell you that I come from a nation where the utmost form of self-disgrace is to speak openly about one’s appointment with a psychologist. So I took a half day leave for a migraine attack (which never happened hitherto). For my second session I took three days off in the Holy name of migraine attack. My colleagues were more surprised that I had only three days of attack; while theirs mercifully lasted for a fortnight at one go. Days that followed were hell. I’m such a blessed person for I kept sleeping every five minutes during auto-suggestion. I kept my alarm tuned for every five minutes and nothing helped. I felt very depressed. Life became a disaster after meeting a psychologist. Now I understand why on earth, Migraines should exist. 

It was Emerson who rescued me; “Imitation is suicide.” Still I could remember how one fine day I got up at 3 am. I drank some water and sat in my bedside window. Windows do have a magical way of evoking the muse. Torn between the two choices I reluctantly sat with a paper, when my bed was all the more inviting. My mind was overwhelmed with thoughts. I remembered Frost.

“I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

I sat with my paper and couldn’t write. I sat for three hours thinking about sleep and then slept on my thoughts. My day was bad. I felt traumatized. Never had I felt this way even when I got up at 12 in the noon. I could now understand that the trauma and pain of trying to be someone whom I was initially not and never will-be. It took a day’s work for me to understand this, yet the pain was immense, immeasurable, inexplicable and inevitable. I was the silent bearer of this grateful pain. Then I decided to file a suit against the person who inflicted this pain and trauma to me. It took me less than a minute to identify the cruel culprit. It was God, my own creator. If he had not created me this way, I wouldn’t have suffered. I don’t know if someone else had sued God for anything before. I consulted my lawyer,the second sin. He promised to take up this case. He called me later to inform that he never came across such strange law suits.

He consulted his other colleagues. Soon this was the talk among lawyers in the town, and then a conference was called in a national level to discuss this problem. I was also an invitee. Trust me; I never had such a peaceful occassion in my life like witnessing the lawyers in discussion. Now I can understand why ‘Margayya of Malgudi’, the financial expert considered lawyers as trouble-makers. I remember this becoming a huge issue of national importance. A bill was passed in the parliament allowing the public to sue God if necessary. 

After all these chaos in my life, I learnt that total acceptance is the need of the hour. I decided to be happy for what I am, even if it is all about getting up in the noon. I accepted it wholeheartedly. I wonder how life turns beautiful and peaceful when one learns total acceptance of people. Life taught me to be a happy individual, to give space to accept and accommodate people. Now I live happily to get up at twelve in the noon. 

As I watch through my windows, I saw my neighbor parking his car near my gate. All I could do now is to shout at him. I was just talking about the mental space and not certainly my parking space. Whenever I tell this, people often tend to confuse with the two.



  1. Express

    Haha! the last line, ended fine. But the write up got me confused. When I read the whole things for the 3rd time it sunk in.. 😛 uve gone through bad. BUT, I ve always been an early bird. Up at 7 no matter what. But now when it is a crucial time 4 me, sleep has become dear 2 me, wht it means, I dunno 😀 all i knw is, the bed is preety warm, and I should dose off…so, cya 😀


  2. Bingo!!

    i definitely can understand the guilt that u slightly feel for being a early dawner… but sleep is sumthin i wud never ever compromise on…wholehearted acceptance is guess is really wat we need, it could make things so much simple and happy.. but unfortunately it is easily said than practised …nice post…come on… that insult on lawyers.. i guess i am gonna sue u in 3 months …


  3. The Seeker

    @ Express, I envy you. It actually needs a lot of determination in my part to get up!! And thats an absurd piece of writing written haphazardly absurd. So don’t try making much sense out of it.. Beds are always inviting.. Wish I can spare more time for sleeping…And Wish you a very happy new year…@HOBO..Yeah! Thats true, But we can try,, No harm in that…


  4. The Seeker

    @Bingo…Aiyyo! totally forgot that you’re one… Oops!!! No offence buddy! You know very well that I always play a safe game….And it;s the guilt which keeps on giving,, But still I keep on sleeping! No matter what happens…


  5. Bedazzled

    dat waz funny .. group therapy and auto-suggest ..!! lol .. i normally dont have too much trouble getting the 8 hrs of beauty sleep.. but i have a weakness for 3am binges ..maybe i should take up group therapy too 😉


  6. rvnrahul

    Dude.. find a mirror look straight into it and realise how lucky u are.. Less fortunate people (read:me) get around 4-5 hrs of sleep everynight on weekdays.. its a whole diff equation that they spend their weekends sleeping throughout the day..Diff 4m ur usual style dude.. Nice post dude.. reminded me how much we all love something so basic to us..



    Happy New year!let all your dreams come true.let balance bring bliss to you.let freedom make you more happylet your presence make the world more happy….let happiness make you say“i am the world” wishes


  8. The Seeker

    @ MAN IN PAINTINGThanks al lot. Wish you the same, Have a fabulous year ahead… Take care!!!\@RvnrahulYeah! I know buddy! poor you guys, Thats why be like me. Thoroughly a professional student… And I see my bro doing the same sleeping thru the weekend… And I wrote it long back, as I told you I do keep experimenting…


  9. The Seeker

    @Bedazzled….hey do please don’t get into a group therapy… Believe in the self-reliance like me and at least sleep 12 hrs a day n don complain… @Multimenon..Nikhil.. right!!! Thanks a lot for the award.. And am really honoured bro.. Good luck for your new year!!!!And I DON’T HAVE a girl-friend.. Can’t you see bro? See am so happy and organised in life,, leading a blissfull life.. No need for the other-wise life…And do u think, GFs are answers ???


  10. Alok

    Aaah the powers of auto-suggestion. Not only sleep, it helps you in a lot else, too!You write pretty well and pretty interestingly. A happy new year to you!


  11. writerzblock

    LOL! I loved the concept. Found the post slightly verbose, but blame it entirely on my lack of patience. And guess what? I woke up at 9:30am today, refusing to be disturbed by my sonny’s 7:00am wake up call!! And I am feeling great. Thanks, for writing that post 🙂


  12. Ghost Particle

    ok, i can relate so much to this sleep problem…i have massive amounts of them, but maybe not as serious. im an insomniac also.and im a chronic migraine sufferer. 3 or 4 times a year, lasts 2 weeks each time. yes, its bad 😦happy new year bro, wish you everything good and yes…make people happy, make yourself happy and live, no reservations 🙂


  13. The Seeker

    @…niShAntH…Yeah! thanks Nishanth… And quite true…the noon nap… @Ghost particle…Thanks n wish you the same.have a great year ahead.You call this a problem.Its a blessing in disguise bro…@WriterzblockAm quite happy n glad that you liked the post and more happier cos it helped you to sleep till 9.30 AM, Well welcome and join the club… And Welcome to the Jobless blog, Regards to lil sonny!!!@Alok, Thanks buddy! Thanks a lot for those encouraging words.. A very new year to you too…


  14. Rakesh Vanamali

    My apologies for being late to comment! Talking about sleep, who doesn’t love it! Especially on a cold winter morning when one does not feel like getting out to work (I feel that every other day) For three long years, during my stay in Delhi, I was deprived of proper sleep and carried with me a huge sleep debt which I guess has been takn care of with my relocation to Pune. These days, I prefer hitting the sack early and rising early as well. Something about the dawn makes me feel good, I guess its a quiet and decent time to introspect! Btw, I’ve taken prints of those short stories that U sent me and will start off soon. CheersRaku


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