Its raining in my mirage

It was a great surprise to know that I was awarded by Ani It was a great feeling to be awarded by famous bloggers and also someone lovely like Ani. Thanks a ton Ani buddy!!!! and also for her kind words of love and comfort.

And I would like to award this blog to the following lovely bloggers.

8) Sonu
9) Rakesh

How much Once I longed for one, that i decided to create one by my own and send it to a friend and ask him to pass that to me back through another.. crazy days,, Then it all happened. The wonders of the people, I met here and their constant encouragement, love and support which made me go on. Without them, I wouldn’t have made out.. Thanks a ton. Love you all.

Then it rained. It actually rained awards in my blog. The Freedom and independent award from Rakesh chetta. His always wonderful words of wisdom, love and encouragement to which i am greatly indebted to. I thank him for this thoughtful gesture. It means a lot bro..

Which I would like to forward to the following bloggers.
1) Vinesh anna– Orange Juice for the soul. No wonder I made it my daily habit to have an ounce of orange Juice.
2) Samby Boy– The army Guy speaks.. An inspiring Blog that I read entirely at one go.. Salute you bhaiya.
3) Vicky– Amazwi. Amazwi in zulu means a consortium of voices. An indeed refreshing blog and the first friend for Life, I made in the blogosphere..
4) Ritu chechi– Vivify. The first inspiring reader of my blog.
5) Minko– Born of Mind. The friend, senior, companion, A musician, A physicist, A brother- The First inspiration.
6) Milinta. A kaleidoscope of thoughts and emotions… For her beautiful thoughts. I wish you write more
7) Anu akka Anonymously yours. She has the knack of being anonymous. One touching post I came across and it just continues..

P.S. It is my lil bro Raul’s birthday today and he turned twenty.. Oh How sad the lil guy was for the end of his teen years.. Hey raul.. Happy Returns of the day… I, better should write an exclusive post on him.. It follows.. BTW… did I tell John Abraham also celebrates his birthday today and JA actually looks like raul a bit-more .. ..
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  1. Aneesha

    hey Bharath – thanks a lot for this lovely tribute to my blog. Its the first that I have ever recieved and its well-cherished. My congratulations to you too for recieving the award 🙂


  2. The Seeker

    @Fantasies of a lifetimeYeah! look for yourself and know more about him in the next post!!!!Most welcome priya, @Sonu,Hey Thanks…And do get back soon poetess..@Bedazzled,Very much… Thanks yaar! Still haven’t completed the white tiger..@Aneesha,Thanks a ton didi, always loved your thoughtful thoughts.. @Rakesh, Yeah Kind of.. buddy!!!@Mirrorcracked,Yeah Thanks Nikhil..@Abhishek Chandru, Thanks abbyyy!! So meet you soon in Kovai…


  3. The Seeker

    @ RIversoul,Thanks siddharth, welcome to Jobless blog and sure would convey your wishes to him… @ Prachi,Didi!!! AM so happy for you, and you deserve the award… regards to jiju.. and i checked out your page.. take care.


  4. Revathi

    *pout* I dint make it to any of your list. You have no paasam at all, I say! And you came to my blog and wished back my anna on his bday post. Wished Senior R on her bday post but didn’t wish me back on MY BDAY post. How unfair! *sulk*PS: If you didn’t know, Im a major drama queen!


  5. thearmyguyspeaks

    Oh my thank you bro.. Its not for our mealy govt salary that we chose to go beyond the line of is just the appreciation and love of people like you…Salutes Dear…and thanks a ton for this award :)..


  6. The Seeker

    @ Minkowsky RevampedMost welcome Mano,, Sure buddy!!!! Take care.. Will keep writing@The army Guy,Most welcome Samby bro… And take care!! Love and prayers with you,,@Nishanth,Hey thanks a lot bro!!! sure,, would keep writing


  7. The Seeker

    @ Jeevan,Thanks Jeeva! sure would convey your wishes to him, @Bingo,Thanks a ton archu, you take care da..@Revathy,Its just that am waiting for a better award, like My Wifey-the most amazing blogger. I would design one, and will award you deary…


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