Take Diversion….

Sorry for this, been down with my usual chore, The Course work… Somehow managed to write a Guest post for my friend Manoj (My blog guru). And Thanks a ton for those wondeful words mate. This is the link. DO please check out. Thanks for the acceptance Minko… Will update my space soon. A post is on the way…

Till Then Take care…. Life Beckons…..

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  1. Rakesh Vanamali

    BharathAwe-some post! Back in Ooty, we dont have balconies……but I did savour them while in Delhi & Gurgaon and the balcony become my fav for every little activity that I cherished! “Life is when you live & The detachment only comes from the true attachment.” Very well said! Loved this post! Hoping to see an update soon! CheersRakesh


  2. Jeevan

    Loved your post at manoj’s blog which about my favorite space. I was remember my times spent on balcony reading yours, which I miss so badly, but recently at my native home I get to enjoy the sights and breeze sitting in balcony and is pleasure chatting with siblings and playing cards in night. The very specify I like balcony for the fresh breeze on the summer holiday afternoons.


  3. The Seeker

    @ Anu,Thanks akka. Every aspect of home has so much love filled in it. May be sometimes we just don’t acknowledge their presence and love.@jeevan,Very true. We miss those homes of the olden days. Now it is all apartments and balconies have become store-rooms. Whatever Balconies are the integral part of our lives.@mirror crackedNever mind Nikhil. Done with that now. Hope you liked this post. Catch u up at your space soon. Life is pathetic here. Do write a specail feature of child abuse in your blog n try uniting bloggers against child abuse. Case : A 22 yr young kid been academically in hyderabad. Will sent u all the exclusives. Do take up this and Let Mirror Cracked labs fight up this noble cause..


  4. The Seeker

    @ Prachi..Didi! seeing you here after a long time. Hope you’re fine. regards to rohan jiju.. Take care. hope to see you more here…@Vinesh..Fallen in love with this place at a young very age… Happy that you can relate to this article…


  5. The Seeker

    @ Rakesh..Thats a different feel chetta, No need for a balcony in ooty. every house is a balcony in itself, becuase of the hills and slopes, houses are constructed differently. Missing ooty so much, Native of dad n mom.. Heaven on earth.. And will do the other tag of yours… And have updated my space..


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