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Well, First and foremost! this post is an exclusive post where I’m gonna ramble, babble, rant and rave, if possible rot away to glory! Do excuse me, ! many would be disappointed, Sorry guys! Life takes me at times, And I just couldnt resist it.. Between all this , I acknowledge my Thanks to Fantasies of Life time for tagging me. That comes next and Thoughts and scribbles for her post. Well Here I ramble…

The maddening hectic week
Have I got anything in me that makes me work! It would be an irony to tell that Jobless works! but believe me my folks, I did work, also I loved it, It gets into me and I dont have time for anything else… Honestly Who cares! but I didn’t read anything throughout the week and that really puts me off, I easily get worn out!!! It was fun to work on assignments, documentaries, Proposals (???), Treatments, deadlines.. Life with deadlines is no dead, Trust me The fun is immense in that, and that too, to be blessed like me with Lovely teamies… It is indeed fun to work….

You have got a mail…
Tell you something. “You have got a mail.” This is something that one shouldn’t tell someone like me who is obessed with snail mails. I thought I was re-visiting those joyful days, when someone told me that they saw a letter for me in the campus post-office. “I saw a letter, addressed to you.” Oh! God the post office closes by 5 and its 5.30 I have to wait and tomorrow is sunday!! One more day to wait. First thing on monday, went to the PO. The post man didnt arrive yet, thought would check out in my office, No! not to be seen , the post man will be here by 2. “Ji, any letters for Barath?” “Nahin saab”. God!!! What followed was a sad tale, Three days visited the PO and enquired, No letters for you, If at all anything, we would drop it in the office, The other day I got a courier, which someone else collected on my behalf! would the same happened with the letter?
what if the postman dropped it in another school, instead of mine.. It happens sometimes.. Well In between all this, I met the guy who told me that I had a mail.. He wasn’t sure whether the letter was addressed to Barath of communications dept. Hell with it! why should be there only one Barath throughout the campus of 10k people!!! Forget it… I also called some people who had the remotest of possiblities of writing a letter !!!

Guy 1: Barath, you think I have time to write and post, I call you na..
Guy 2: you’re crazy dude!!!
Guy 3: Hey! But I forwaded the alumini letter to your home address.
Guy 4: @$%# you, Do people write???
Forget it guys!!! After a week, I got a letter thru a friend’s friend who had dutifully collected the letter for me only to see that it was a letter addressed to Barath of another dept, who had been hunting for the mail for a week, I returned that to him propmptly…I learnt there is also Joy in Giving letters…, not just receiving

Just the Crazy!!!
1) I was a bit on and off and all the more communication retarded!!! Dad, mom and anna couldn’t reach me, anna got a friend’s number from my roommate and passed the no. to dad,
At around 11.30 at night there was a call to my friend’s no. I saw the no and passed on the mobile to her. she answered the call and passed the phone back to me.
The person on the phone: “This is dad.”
Me : “Well. Whose dad”
The person on the phone who happened to be my dad: ?!!?

2) If someone waves at you and when your both hands are busy holding something, the best way would be to smile to acknolwedge them, Not to try any coffee cup tactics like Jyothika in Kakka Kakka, only to shower yourself with Hot coffee..

3) College Ids card, Petrol cards DON”T work in ATM machines.

4) Never would I indulge in any lingustic adventures like, trying to teach malayalam to any Thick accented people, “what do you tell bol in malayalam”. “Its pa ra.” Well Just imagine what a thick accented voice would have pronounced the word like.. I don’t want to get rusticated from my campus on any account of making sexist remarks by any hard-core feminist groups of the campus followed by a trail with ASHI, ASHA or CASH..

5) I’m unemployed, Literally Jobless. The only employment is me being a son, So next time No unneccessary details to annoy my boss… This works well… DAD, NO MONEY. SEND MONEY.

With all this life goes on…
Suddenly life turned all beautiful and My life is happening, Well The only thing happening in life is Life.. Morning rush hours, Stopping to grab a bite, endless chais, The mad doodles, Readings, sitting under the mother nature, ruminations, reflections, Falling in love (with) documentaries, Movies, Music, Books… The Missing magic of sharing, well there’s always lot more to talk.

I walk through the long paths at nights with the lamp posts, who are well now my good friends, everynight as i return back to my hostel at 1 or 2, I do have conversations with them, whose life is laid-back and a one meant to listen and observe people, How beautiful is this life, Life-another day in paradise.

At last!!!
When the deadlines are dead, shootings shot, Proposals proposed, defence defended. Yeah!!!
Now I know the night is waiting for me, I reach my room, clean up the mess, Fix a drink, plug in my music, Search for my “Srirangathu Devadhaigal.” and about to give into the Night. My Mobile rings, God who on earth would call me now!!! 2.45 am. I see the name, a smile creeps into me, I answer with a twinkle, ” Hulllllooooo!!!” before I could now, an hour passed. We were talking about Harry Potter, He just happened to read HP, and been magically swept by it and now down with the 4th book, I no more feel tired, Well HP does the magic.. And suddenly there’s another Voice greeting, “Happy morning, Barath!” Well Guys we were in a conference call, and the other friend just joined us after an hour break,, Reminded of those days of conference call, where any no from 8 to 13 easily conferences… Three people smitten by potter talking about the magic at the dawn of earth.. Can Life be more beautiful?

“Well Barath, am tired, you guys talk da.. I’ll sleep for a while.” And It easily continues with my briefing him on the background, interesting inside storeis, and everything of Potter.” The call got disconnected, Followed by a message, “Da machaan, Battery over, call you later, Sleep tight 😉 ” Its 6 30 in the morning! am not in a mood to sleep, It has been drizzling all night.. I step out of my hostel, The early morning joggers, few old people walking. There was a freshness in the morning! I walk along the trees, then sit on a small rock under the tree, staring at the small pool of water. Suddenly I remember, ” I do miss talking with him, these days.”

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  1. Vishnu

    Poetic polambal.. Some doubts!!! Did you get the letter? and whats happeining with the life happening thing? ethayo solla vandhu, sollama irukamathri theriyedhu, Good lcuk for that and missing talking with him??? … And the last para reminded me of the Poem, “Mugamudi Natpu” where the guy talks to his friend late night in the phone. Some disappointments are always there to share with the friend or as you tell, rather a friend is always there to share some disappointments. Also I completed the Goblet of fire too. And “whose dad” reminds me of that confused dumb dude in you… You still remain the same da mama…and what's that cash, ashi and asha?? Dad “No money. send money” lol… Reminded of the days when i need to ask money & your master plans, NCC and NSS monthly fees.. “Three people smitten by potter talking about the magic at the dawn of earth.. Can Life be more beautiful?” Loved it da! Don't know how you can even put the simplest of things beautifully. May be as you often tell us, Only a jobless can do such things… and on a greater serious tone. er-ahem.. err-do you miss talking with me?


  2. Animated Junk

    @ barathas usual amazin postLife with deadlines is no dead, ya i guess its sumtimes a good feel to be busy… for a change..sad u din get the mail… i know the feel of it, had experience wit postcard thou noone ever wrote letters to mesumthin seems amiss in this post..sumthin subtly expressed but cant put a finger on…barath ther is definitely more to wat written…i wonder wat it is


  3. Fantasies of a Lifetime

    lol. .good one.. loved the bit about posts….I always would run when the postman came , but invariably there would be no letter delivery in my house 😦 . “Dad.No money.Send money” – he he always works doesn’t it ? 😀


  4. Ritu

    HiLOOOOOVED your ramblings…for many reasons.. Reminded me of my college days when the only reason Id wnt to speak to my dad would be for money… The late nite chats… MMMMMMM some good memories were brought back as I read ur post… Thanks. It was therapeutic!


  5. Anu

    Well.. lol on the send money.. your right about deadlines, but somehow these days they are wearing me out. Its like everyone wants everything now,as if the company would crash without a report being sent outBtw, the last para left me a lil puzzled..


  6. Anonymous

    Hmmm. Just a ramble, A first timer, and read almost all the posts except the tamil one, help needed, You’re indeed the writer who knows the knack of pulling the reader with the warmth of your words, wondering how barath could do that? “Missing talking with him”bit confusing? is it a Narcissitic way of putting up something or a deeper meaning as animated junk puts it! anyways good one baru, and promise to be regular… Just finished Once an actress, that JK book you told, “oru nathigai nadagam parkiral.” even been read out the tamil version… Makes me wonder about many aspects of love… Preethi.


  7. The Seeker

    @Vishnu,Shud I welcome you @ all, Na, I won’t and No I didnt get the mail. well, unakke konjam overa theriliya!!! Vetti payale, I am not missing ant talking with you, rather have some mercy for me, for putting up with you nad I didnt like that poem much!! something that i couldn’t accept, rather I liked his kanavugal. I still have a doubt whether the poem was wrote keeping me in my mind, Just kidding…. and CASH, committee against sexual harassment and Anti sexual harassment act..@Archana a.k.a Animated Junk..Didnt expect that u will delete your blog, anyways I dont know why!! what made me write so, But the feeling of being thoroughly orphaned overwhelmed me… May be there’s more to it. No clues da archana…@fantasies of life time. The same here, No mails. and that works well with dad, I call him up only when i need money. Life yaar..@Abhishek chandru,da missed you here and missed reading your posts! welcome back da.. And yeah my life is quite hectic,… cool that you found a way. Take care..@Ritu, Thanks a ton chechi… Glad that it reminded you of those fun-filled days,,, and Am so happy and feeling good that it was therapeutic to you, Take care! regards to jiju and kids…@Anu,akka! how is K. Regards to him, well the same here. I dont understand why the hell am i here and why am i doing things that i don like, May be as calvin puts, It’s just work, when someone forces you to do.. Well the last para, I wanted to be a bit philosophical, I looked at my reflection, and thought about how i missed my solitude,,,@Preethi.. yeah Thanks a ton for your kind words, and Welcome here… and yeah a bit narcissitic way of putting things oo and I also go with animated junk, I dont know! Soemthing amiss. forget that,, B/w Glad that you loved the book and you could identify with her, And Prethi.. Fingers crossed forever da..


  8. ani

    lovely post..i really liked you have got mail.. have u seen that movie.. of meg ryan .. its a nice one.. and oh yes.. now ppl dont believe much in mails.. 🙂 its all chats.. n sms..but i love to get mails.. its so nice.. makes it soo personal..and whats wrong with malayalam.. hnnm??? hehe my dad is my world bank 😉 well not anymore.. but most of my life he has been.. so i can soo relate to that one..


  9. The Seeker

    @ adil. why nodoby is perfect!!! because nobody is perfect…@Mirrorcracked Yeah Nikhil, Sorry dude. missed your posts. will catch up soon… Thanks! My life is all a rambling now…@Aniand also missed many of your posts, will catch up soon yaar! yeah didnt see that movie, got it. will watch it soon da. take care


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