His morning trail…

The midnight drizzle made the grass glisten with the early morning dewdrops. The smell of the wet earth wafting through the wind was utterly soul-soothing. The state of being soul-fully static in the vastness of nature was better than the unholy travel through the murky, narrow lanes of human mind, which tired him more than he could ever grow tired of. It was good being out early in the morning. The freshness that life had to offer was an invite, tempting enough to traverse back into life. He looked at the sight before his eyes. It would be an exact place for a loner, a coward and a solitude lover like him to fall in love with. There was something mystic about the place, the place where he can truly unbelong to (Courtesy Acknowledged). He turned back to look at the lush of green woods. It was as if life decided to be a bit merciful to him. His soul rested in peace. A sudden sacred silence engrossed his whole being. His eyes welled up in tears. He felt the need to cry.

All those thoughts that he had long suppressed in him came flooding back. He sat on the nearby patch of the grass and leaned onto the tree. Misfortunes never come single.So does the bad memories. Memories that he had kept in check, memories that he made sure, wouldn’t overwhelm him/his life.

But today, He let in everything to let out everything.

He accepted his cowardice, his sheer defeat in life, his loneliness, his state of being mis-fit, his failed relation-ships, his parent’s divorce, his sister’s death, his long-lost friend, his mentor’s death, his meaning-less life, his robbed off childhood, his addictions, his insecurities, his first-Her, the friend he never had, the haunting memories, the very fact that he had nobody in life, the recurring suicidal thoughts and the struggle to come out of everything. With all this, he accepted him and his life. His acceptance left him in peace with a pain full numbness.

His thoughts were scattered, yet focused. His mind wandered from the extremities of the universe to the people in his life. He tried to remember the pain and hurt he went through. His life was no more the kaleidoscopic view, but a maze of puzzledness. He was tired of moving on, living a life like a nomad soul. He wanted to rest down and watch life around him. His thoughts reeled back to death. He wondered how death can be painful after having lived life? If life is a journey, death should be the ultimate destiny. Then he had rightfully embarked on a journey to his destiny. After all, death is a great leveller of life.

The distant roaring of the falling water brought out the curiosity in him. when he got up to walk towards the waters, he felt a tugging at his feet. The canvas lace got struck to the thin rootlet. As he bend down to pull out the lace, he saw the withered wood he was leaned onto. The majestic appearance of the trunk gave him the realization of having found a friend in the tree, the place/person who was a sole-soul witness to what a wrecked up mess his life was. He touched the tree, he felt the coarse patch of the wood surrounded by the dried up bark. He rather felt love at the touch. A sense of complete fullness with utmost security that a child feels when being held close by a parent, a friend’s reassuring touch, the pat from a brother. He smiled at the tree. The tree swayed gently to the warm breeze leaving him in a shower of reciprocated love with the tree’s treasured raindrops.

He walked towards the sound of the roaring water. He was momentarily held back with the view of nature’s seamless artwork. The lake ended near the rocky layers of ground and extended beneath the surface with another large piece of rock. There was a cliff at the end which steeped down to the muddy ground and in turn surrounded by small rocks with a fine lining of the grass along the shore’s edge. The romance of the water with the rocks was purely platonic. He sat in total awe to look at what the nature offered for this Solitude’s favorite child, whose life was a beautiful alchemy of fate and destiny. Suddenly all the melancholy disappeared. He was alive to what he was witnessing around him.

The chirping of the birds, the cry of the peacock, the whisperings of the wind, the mooing of the cows, the falling of the gentle drizzle on the eyelids, the fragnance of the flowers, the soft caressing sweet-nothings of the chill breeze, the noisy rumbling of the falling water, the stillness of the lake, the rumbustious ambiance of the nature and the everything of now made sense to him. He felt he was the cherubic child of nature, an another Mowgli.

His rumination was disturbed by a soft caress on his cheeks by a silky material. For a minute he was blinded with a myriad hues of blackness. He had never seen a peacock so close. The peacock was graciously dancing in the gentle drizzle with a magnificent display of God’s handiwork.

Nothing in life is as worthy as witnessing the miracles of nature and to let yourself into the nature’s ways of healing people.

It was time to leave, to leave, so as to live the remaining of his life. The life, waiting dutifully at his door, to step in, to take him out of his cocoon and to let him into the harsh reality of the world. He is ready to step out and let in the reality to glare at him. Nature leads to the understanding of the real philosophy of life, “When Life happens, Let it just happen.”

On his way back, he saw a younger peacock. He couldn’t stop wondering at the small wonder before him. As he tried to near him, the other peacock quickly flew its way and landed between him and the the little one. The peacock which was graceful all the while turned ferocious at the sight of an intruder. The peacock covered the scared younger one with his feathers. He just stood still, till the two went out of sight.

He understood the need for the reassurance and the need for someone. What he yearns more in his life: A purpose and A meaning




  1. raj

    Nature heals. The last time, i was close it to it was in Auroville, spending a night there. It was magical. Magical is both the words and the nature. You should write poems, you are one step short of it.


  2. Animated Junk

    Nature leads to the understanding of the real philosophy of life, “When Life happens, Let it just happen.”very rightly said. sumtimes stepping back and letting life happen could jus be the best way to live.And nature’s healing ways, feels like a balm to the sore wounds of the heart n soul n the tiredness of living eases away.need for sumone… its throbs with every beat of the heart n it jus grows deeper wit every passing moment..What he yearns more in his life: A purpose and A meaningvery true…n rightly said….


  3. The Seeker

    @Raj,on a truer tone, bro! I cried when i found that place, It was a kind of place,, which one would love to call, Far from the maddening crowd. Wrote it one go. No editing!! nothing! and posted. felt good!!! Just wrote about a few people i knew…I am already into writing poems… may be in a while, post some of those not so poetic poems…@Junk;)Archana at times, the someone may be just you.“need for sumone… its throbs with every beat of the heart n it jus grows deeper wit every passing moment..” One needs to be oneself and enjoy the company of self, if you cannot love yourself, I wonder how possible it will be to love another soul..



    Dear, within no time I smell talent..My brain cannot resist its nuerons suddenly automatically getting alligned to this new “sun”.Without any doubt i can announce the arrival of another writer who is going to stay here and do wonders.. That was deep.. The same effect we get when we read something like “commentries on living” by Jiddu.. happy i found you.. MIP


  5. Anu

    Nature for me is represents God, it can show you the way forward, if you let it..good account of the solitude that the he feels,it seemed really dark


  6. The Seeker

    @MirrorcrackedSure buddy, lets wait for a while, WIll keep experimenting for a while… Thanks a ton Nikhil…@MIPBro, Thanks for your kind words, And Most welcome to Jobless’s world… Let’s muse away to glory… And will try to keep up the same in my writing,, Again Thanks a ton..@Anu,Hope you’re fine… And read in Vickys blog, Poor K, don’t starve him… Yeah Ofcos Nature is quite a Mystic God, Well Just a reflection of some lives, I knew and I witnessed…


  7. ani

    u were right..this is something i definitly liked..nature is always something special for me..it does wonders for one.. especially emotionallyit makes u wonder.. calms u down.. supports you.. heals you.. you can even see the anger in the form of thunder storms n lighting.. and it will just amaze u all the time.. lovely post..


  8. The Seeker

    Fantasies of a Lifetime Thanks a lot Priya,,, We’re a part of a nature,, Its nature’s nature to take in us with it… @Ani,Yeah Nature heals human easily, and it is as easy as falling in love… Yeah True, Nature even shows Anger!!!! and am always amazed by nature… 🙂Thanks yaar!!


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