Her Nights…

Yet another beautiful night, the place where she really belongs to. The night belongs to the ghastly creatures called men. In a way, she belongs to them. She had been sleepless all her nights. Now she is lying next to someone stranger, but familiar.

Somehow she couldn’t bring herself to sleep. She was tired from the day, cleaning up the house, those-to-be-done-but-still-undone chores. She got up from her bed to check; whether the doors locked, dog and birds fed, lights out. She stopped before her mirror, tidied up her hair, cleansed her mouth, applied little of her perfumed-moisturising lotion, her ways of warming up before getting into bed with someone. She spent few minutes looking at the birds in the cage, which reminded her of her own life: An Illuminated Illusion.

She climbed back to her bed. Somehow she found it strange to be with him, The one who came often to her house to just crash into sleep. She got reminded of those other men she met in her nights. Those fiery animals, who were lustfully less concerned that she was a human. Those men to whom the very act was a mere ritual. They came, They performed, They went. Those shy individuals, who always wanted lights out/doors closed because they were orthodox. Those who get turned off at any sort of signs of love in her maneuvers. She smiled her usual mocking smile at the ‘down to earth’ men-folk. She sat in her bed, staring at nothing, with tears streaming down her cheeks. She sobbed silently in the night, with the moon outside, the sole witness to a soul’s unsung sorrow.

The friendly someone pulled her close to his side. It was a touch, an act of assurance, not out of affront or wantful lust. She looked at him sleeping beside her. She listened to the breathing, that was not disgusting, but amusing. She was more amazed at how, she could cherish the sight which was like that of her sleeping pet.

She kissed him on his eyelids and snuggled closer to him. She felt the warmth of masculinity in his abated breath. The room was silent except for the uneven breathing of two tired souls. Sometimes She does belong to him. Him alone.




  1. Milinta

    That was lovely love writing!!! The parallel between the man and the woman was brought out so beautifully..I’m no good at commenting but all I can say is This is Superlative work!!


  2. Animated Junk

    As usual very aptly written, Ur choice of words and the flow is jus amzingly gr8.It was a touch, an act of assurance, not out of affront or wantful lust….i think it is sumthin the entire mankind n womankind need, but rarely get…Sometimes She does belong to him. Him alone.hats off !!!Its so nice to seem sumone with so much depth in u .Evrythin u write has a true feel to it, a sense of sincerity 😉


  3. Vignesh

    u know where ur power lies?, it lies in making things abstract, letting the reader assume the plot, and make meanings as they wish, so u end up in writing something and the same is read in umpteen different ways…I read the post and attached a before and after -tale to her, and she is disturbing me… great piece of art!!


  4. Sonu Manola

    i saw bits of my poems here… not to say that its not good but that how beutifully you’ve put it down in prose .. and adding to its indepth meaning…Duke of Prose!Ace!


  5. Raj

    Barath, Well written. Couldnt help juxtaposing the “Sumalatha” of Thuvanathumbigal to your female protagonist (of-course minus the crying part)However, i wonder whether she would have any living objects inside a cage. She should have let them free long time ago!!!


  6. The Seeker

    a.k.a MY MUSINGS.And sorry for this inconvenience. just changed my profile name. @Vinni. Thanks a lot bro!!! Thanks for blogrolling me and yeah those last lines, came just in a flow.@Anu,thanks a lot!!!@Milinta,Thanks buddy! am honoured!@Mirror crackedHey Nikhil!!! Thanks a ton buddy!@Kappi prakash,THanks a lot bro! will sure.. Will try to keep up! Thanks for dropping by!


  7. The Seeker

    a.k.a MY MUSINGS..@ Ani,Well that was the subtle thought i meant here!!! Thanks buddy!!!@Prachi, didi! thank you so much! Will sure keep up!!@ Sonu,http://sonu-thegardenoflife.blogspot.com/2007/05/hoarse-tale-of-whore.htmlActually i got inspired by your poem a lot! and from then was reading a lot on the subject and watched a couple of movies on that theme. was writng a lot on that, one such extract from that is this piece of writinG!!! I feel greatly honoured! thanks a lot sonu for your kind words. @Raj,actually i thought that to be an empty cage, but instead wrote birds in the cage, thanks for reminding me. I was greatly inspired by that movie too. It does feel good, when someone reads u, and gets reminded of great piece of art, either a movie, play, or a book. thank u so much, @Archana and Vignesh,dunno what to tell, thanks a lot for ur comments. I do write to heal (@least, it heals me), but never to hurt, I make sure that i convey everything in shades and in abstracts, for there’s always another representation. There’s always a part where u attach something to the representation and take it, And I give total autonomy to my readers. and once written, I stop my claim over it!! and This she is painfully growing on me…. for she is yet another strangerAnd to everyone, well your comments made me joyfully sad.. Thanks for your kind words. they mean a lot to this guy, who was once a failed writer…


  8. Rahul

    Thanks for Visiting my Blog & for your comments.Have been going through your writings…..ur an amazingly talented writer, keep up the good work.P.S. thanks for adding me to Blogroll.


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