Recycled Post 3: Musings of My Mate

Dear loving you,
It was good knowing you, all I do is look at you, when you are busy working. When you finish your writing and close me down, I take a look at your writings. I read them. I know what happens in your everyday life. I can see how you would have been in those moments that you have described in me. I have no greater purpose in life, than listening to what you say and taking them in me. My life is beautiful in its own way and thanks for making it beautiful. You have been a good friend. But have you ever wondered what it is to be a diary? What it is to be a sole-secretive place, where people pour them in you? I am not complainig about my life. I’ve known everything that life has to offer.
Every night you pen down before you sleep, I have never slept in my life, I don’t know what it is to sleep, to live, for that matter anything. I know only to be there for you, whenever you need me. I love when you read me often and cherish your memories. I can understand very well, for you greatly beleive that, “Words are all that are remembered long after one is gone.” I know that I have a noble purpose in life, to take in whatever you write in me. I know what it is to live a life like you. You have the best of people in your life. I knew everyone though I haven’t met them. I never wanted anything more in my life than to be with you, listen to whatever you tell and just witness the blooming of your life with a watchful apartness, till yesterday.

For the first time, I felt like talking to you. I just couldn’t see you crying yesterday night. I know how it pains, when it hurts, for I’m a paper. I had been through struggles in my life before becoming this beautiful diary of yours. Remember this in life, “This too shall pass, Choco!”

Yours in love,
Inspired by the post. Can You hear Me?


  1. Animated Junk

    wow….never thot of the diary till now. diary is sumthin that stays with u whole year long n forever sharing ur troubles n happiness…but how lightly hav i taken it…never felt my bond towards it…but ur post makes me see it in a new perspective.different topic to post on….very nice indeed


  2. Vinni

    thats a very interesting twist you have brought to the whole diary thing. surely, one of the best posts i have read in a long time. very different.


  3. Sakhi

    hey, never thought of a diary! once my mom got hold of my diary and i burnt it in anger… my poor diary.. she would have felt hurt! ouch! 🙂 😛


  4. The Seeker

    @ Anu,Does it! oops!!!!Thanks !!!! @RyanVery much! and thanks for droppin by!!@Sakhi!!Grown up with a diary and been writing for years! so kind of in love with it!@VinniThanks a lot!!! Thanks for dropping by!!!@Junk;)Hey archana!!! well been in love with it for years n years! my sole-soul-mate !!!


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