6 Don’ts when you’re out on your own.

It is essential to carry enough change when traveling, that too with the frequent use of corporation buses, but certainly not enough, enough to have a clanging sound accompanying you and making a good sight of a beggar in you. God! How it feels when people turn around to have a glimpse of the strange source of sound.

Avoid mobile, books, paper and at any cost, say no to peanuts when walking alongside the road. Trust me, this don’t go good on roads. No wonder not only Mahatma Gandhi realized the energy source of peanuts, even monkey(s) like me fell for them, exactly into a pit, eating it all the while, forgetting what comes on road.

Put up an air of decency (at least an artificial one) when you’re in a bookshop. Don’t enter a bookshop when it is about to close (to) drool at the sight of books, get lost in them and search exactly for books which they had run out of stock. Don’t call your-reader friend for suggestions, either you won’t buy anything/ buy till you give out the last penny. Don’t get lost amidst the pile of books and make the bookshop people raise the alarm, drag you by neck and have you thrown out.

It is good to get down four or five stops ahead and take a peaceful walk. Certainly this is not advisable when you badly want to pee and then keep thinking through out the trail whether the best thing is to wait till your place or wet your pant drop by drop.

When on road, that too with your old ruggedly worn-out good-for-everything jeans, it is better not to fish out your wallet and mobile often, I kept pushing my wallet back to the front pocket of my jean and unaware of accidentally pushing half my shirt into it. I felt a little tugging at my feet. When I looked down after a few steps, my jean-trouser was half way down my waist and I made quite a sight. I pulled it back just to hear my button snapping out to drown into the nearby drainage and commit suicide. Well It was heavenly comfortable to walk with my trouser held up high, a book bundle in the same hand, and a paper pack of peanuts in another.

It is good to be on your own and trust one’s instincts. To get lost and engage in the process of self-discovery, but you can refrain yourself from this disastrous entertainment in new places. Read the illustration to understand the concept.

Mr. BJ wanted to go to a bookshop. He took a bus from B bus-stop, got down at C bus stop to get to the bookshop. Took some directions from the passers by and with God’s grace ended up in one. While returning, he followed the land marks. It didn’t occur to the dumbstricken’s brain that in a city, there would be many outlets of the same bakery, Pizza house, Coffee shop, Ice cream parlor. Blindly following them for an hour, he stopped to realize that he had walked for an hour and more to no-where. He stopped to ask someone’s help to board a bus to get down at the B bus stop. The Samaritan-stranger suggested that a two minute-walk down the left lane leads to the bus stop.

The rest is just peace.

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  1. Anonymous

    Nalla shoka eluthi iruka da mamu, Innaikkithaan unnuda bloga full padichen, inga elutharadha edavathu bookuku. Kumudhamo, kungumathuko eludhalanda nee,P.Sanjeev Guys


  2. My Musings

    @Junk 🙂It was indeed a hell experiencing it! and am sure that people on that street would never forget this dumbster!!@ P.Sanjeev guys! yaar appa neega! adhuvum inga??? anyways welcome guy(s)@Vignesh,Hmmm! just imagine, how it would have been to me. most embarrassing moment da…@AniThnks! yeah! very much, it comes handy!!! and people give you-that-beggarish-look when u carry too much!!!


  3. Anonymous

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