The Night, I met a reader family

Not everyday I come across someone calling me out of the blue, “Jobless, I like your blog”. Well it just happened one night I met (not exactly met, but talked through the window with) this family. I was on my way home from Madurai, and around 1 AM, the bus stopped in the place called A1 plaza, on the way to Karur not sure but on some highway. The first time I had been to this place was with my mom, where we’d a leisurely mid night dinner. I fell in love with the place, there’s nothing so specific about the place, except it has a book outlet, a Petrol bunk, a canteen ( plus awesome coffee and tea,) and a couple of rest-rooms with a garden around, but it’s definitely the time when I first saw the place, made me fall in love with the place.

This time, I was alone, the bus stopped; I’d some 15 minutes, I got down to stretch out. This was definitely a Bus lag, and of course I’d this strange love for traveling in the SETC buses. Don’t know why, but a long night travel in a SETC, is something I started to love. I got an Appy tetra pack n came out and stood near another SETC bus, lazily sipping my drink, I was just loosing myself in the night sight with a cool breeze around. I was bit sleepy too, had my ear phone plugged in, with the song, “Tere Mere beach mein…” from Ek Thuje keliye. How romantic!!!

I felt something hitting my back and I turned to see a girl sitting near the windows in the bus and gesturing me to unplug my ear-phones, I removed the ear phone, and asked her, “Are you talking to me?”

Yeah, she was undoubtedly talking to me, “Hey Jobless! You here!!” How you doing?”
I managed to utter a Hi and replied “… yeah… Fine Err-you!! You know me”. I stood exactly like an idiot smiling away to glory. She told me that she is reader of my blog and she knew me. I really don’t know how she recognized me. I did put a photo, but! Well. Anyways…

She extended her hand out and I stepped in and stood on my toes to greet her. God How short I’m. No these SETC buses are monstrously tall. When she touched my hand, there was a deafening roaring sound in me,

Yeah, there was. The engine of the bus sprang to life, and it’s a Volvo bus (engine at the rear) she told her name twice and I couldn’t hear her name. The bus was about to move, and someone else shouted, “Barath, amma Barath!!!” I stood like a rock. And someone peeped out of the window and said, Hey son. I like your writing, keep going. Write more. All the very best, Son!

I kept staring at the bus till it went out of my sight.

I should have at least had the basic sense/manner to ask her out; I mean, ask her to get down from the bus. I stood surprised. My bus started and the conductor sir was calling everyone. When the bus turned towards me, the headlights hit straight on my face. I felt like I was out from a dazzle. Who are they? Why was I so dumb? I should have talked properly to them. And is jobless such a common household name, (at least in their family) But I felt so good that some stranger, somewhere could associate with my writings and me.

And whoever it is, Thanks a lot.

P.S. I dedicate this post to the reader family of Musings blog.



  1. Vignesh

    It feels great to read such a story, that is the most that any blogger can expect out of his writing…Fans across the globe-eh? Really gifted you are… I say; beware with madurai girls… i had lived there for 20 yrs:) and also i hope her name is not “angel”:-p..


  2. PrAcHi

    OMG.. This is so cool. May be that reader will comment on this post and u will know who she and her family was! I can never believe anyone meeting me like that in the bus or anywhere.. Must be such a nice experiance.. 🙂Coolll…


  3. Animated Junk

    wow.its amazing to have such gr8 fans. i think she must have been a really gr8 fan of urs atleast to first recognise u n then make the first moveAnd wat more can any blogger ask for….u must be feelin proud


  4. My Musings

    lbe@ Junk;))That was something i didnt even expect to happen and happy that there are people who read my writings! wat more can a blogger as for??And i have seen any of her comments! but it seems like she s regular here!!! @Anu,Not just thrilled, but wonderfully good inside.. @Prachi,Me too ! still i think was that some wild dream I dreamt, too good to be true!!!@Amazwi,Well vignesh, soem vegetable soup for my soul, and no fans across globes, just a few readers like you,“beware with madurai girls… i had lived there for 20 yrs:)” sounds like an interesting inside story.. :)) Fine and enough, not here!! and hope its not again the-world-is-so -small story, I do know someone by the name!!!


  5. Minkowsky revamped

    it must have felt great to have got noticed for your writing by some stranger.. and why not, u write so well dude.. keep it going.. 🙂cheers< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Minko..<>


  6. Pooranispeaks

    congrats thangame :)I’m veryhappy for u… i still remember those days when u used to write in coll and share t with us… good to know that your readers have increased to a bigger circle… 🙂


  7. My Musings

    Thanks Manoj! yeah and a reason to thank you too!!!Thanks Anu ka! thanks a lot! remember you’re the one who gave me an idea for a blog! thangame, nee en oru blog open panni unwritings athula publish panna koodathu!!!!


  8. The Seeker

    a.k.a MY MUSINGS.U know for sure, How i would have looked like, You well know that konjam, vazhiyal, konjam kuzhapam, konjam bekuthanam, konjam jollu, konjam surprise, the trademark barath…..


  9. Anonymous

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