Anu tagged me and that was a month ago. Sorry for being late buddy and here it goes….

6 whatevers about me.

1) Youngest kid @ home, quite a quiet town bred guy from Dharmapuri, attended school like every1, graduated from PSG CAS, Coimbatore and now post graduating from UoH, Hyderabad.
2) A true believer of Destiny, Humanity, Karma, Love and Relationships. Now basking in the beauty of life and its side effects (Courtesy Acknowledged).
3) Wanted to be a doctor, couldn’t, and didn’t make it up. A wannabe professor, a wannabe journalist, a wannabe writer, a wannabe MBA, a big-time wannabe Nobody in life, When I was a kid, I seriously considered becoming (rather being) a shepherd. Even now I imagine myself to be a shepherd, with my sheep grazing and me with a book in the lush meadows. Green grass, blue skies, strawberry fields, vanilla clouds, okay ENOUGH…
4) An inside-introvert, equally loves being in solitude and in company. Am a kind of ‘Alone in the Crowd’ guy. Cos even when alone. I have my own crowd n cloud of thoughts. A loner by choice. Sounds complicated, right! Well am ‘confused n crazy’. That’s what my folks call me. Am happy and proud of the beautiful people I met in my life.
5) Basically the jobless, can be bee-busy and log-lazy at times, an avid writer, voracious reader and a passionate listener of music, Keen and silent observer of life.
6) Just living every moment….

5 things I miss in life now.

1) My Coimbatore life, it’s where I learned to be on my own.
2) I miss those busy streets of UK, cross-cut road, Gandhipuram, street-side bookshops, coffee shops, ma favorite tea stall and the corner table, the chai shop near Cheran Book shop, Anweshana and a lot more of Coimbatore.
3) Well again my UG campus life, my seniors, my peers, my juniors and few Profs, Nila Mutram, Vinayaka bakes, Krishna bakes, the canteen, K R bakes, the road from CAS to SITRA, Cbe Air port, the hot chocolate…
4) My school life, those casual, carefree joyful days. I wish (just) I can turn back the clock. Well life is all about moving on…
5) Now ma reading habit was busy with ma project…

10 things I wanna achieve in a decade.

1) Take up another education level.
2) Clear ma JRF
3) Learn a musical instrument (well I already missed many opportunities till now, don’t want any regrets)
4) Teach. CRS ma’m and JB ma’m (my mentors’ n good friends) have been a great inspiration in ma life.
5) Work in between all this and be my own financier. {Outside help will also be greatly appreciated. Can even adopt me for tax exemptions. Dad n mom will be glad.}
6) Work with any concern or Voluntary organization concerned with children and watch them grow.
7) Meet certain people (for instance Nicholas sparks, Vannadasan, JKR, Nanditha Das, Vandana Gopikumar and Vaishnavi Jayakumar of The Banyan, etc.,)
8) Build ma dream house n christen it Malgudi.
9) To write a post informing ma friends that I’ve done all the above mentioned things.
10) Be a dad.

The book tag.

Just completed this beautiful book.
To kill a mocking bird.

The door was opened, and the gust of warm air revived us. Zeebo lined on Jordan’s stormy bankers and church was over. I wanted to stay and explore, but Calpurnia propelled me up the aisle ahead of her.

I Tag
1) Alpine Path
2) J O T T E R S
3) A little something
4) The garden of life

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  1. Vignesh

    //becoming a shepherd.that is the best wish that i ve heard… out of the hustles of the city..Green grass, blue skies, strawberry fields, vanilla clouds hmmm looks like a dream but if someone offers me d job im ready!!//An inside-introvert, equally loves being in solitude and in company.U know im bored sayin “Same-pinch”:)//the road from CAS to SITRAI miss that stretch badly… my grandmas house was in kalapatti.. i used to get into bus @ sitra.. bus journeys in cbe brings in a lot of peace!! miss the Renda number(“2”) busses so muchgreat ppl u havin in ur to-meet-list.. i wish i would meet Francis Coppola (god-father) someday!! But can i speak? when i meet him?//becoming a dadThat is the most polished way of telling something!!:) I dont wanna explore this one for sure:) So have u met “her”?:)


  2. Animated Junk

    “equally loves being in solitude and in company”Ya me too. solitude is like the cup of coffee on a rainy day n company is the bubbly cola on a sunny afternoon. i love both.becoming a shepardreminds me of Alchemist book, which i think u mite hav read, if u havent i recommend it.i wished i cud be a hippie. jus travel. earn a bit n travel with it .To kill a mocking bird- isnt it amazin book


  3. My Musings

    @ Vignesh, Hey yup! even me too, just wondering at what other things we’re same!!! and my mom found out one more when she saw your mail, even i couldnt help taking my finger to exclamation mark at the end of each sentence, atleast thrice!!SHepherd! still thinking if i can abandon this life and get lost somewhere!!! What say?? LIfe in coimbatore was heaven. my next post is on coimbatore corporation buses!!!and hey there are other great people too, just didnt want a big hit list! and i said Be a dad, There’s a subtle difference!!! and to the question, I owe you an answer..@Animated Junk..That was good way of putting up solitude and company..The book which inspired me greatly, I simply have a great attraction for meadows, sheep and shepherd, donno why!!!Me too a travel freak! and of course To Kill a mocking bird is a fantastic book!!!


  4. Ajay

    hmmm …. feels good to read this post. I was taken back into my memories of earlier days. good one buddy.Surprisingly i share the same wanna be list as yours. 🙂


  5. Anu

    I am so thrilled about your book tag, my fav book! And shepherd.. hmm thats a new one.. all the best for your education levels and the house. Thanks for answering the tag!


  6. My Musings

    @ Ajay!Sounds cool!!! have thought about it a lot all my life about being a prof, writer, jornalist! and all, lets see what life has in store for me!!!!Thanks Ajay! and u mano’s friend from college!!@Prachi! waiting to read your post!!@Anu,Its my pleasure. I really enjoyed doing the tag! more tags please! its good, when u dont get anything to write about, when ur mind doesnt give that flow of words when u really want to!!!And yeah! good luck to you to buddy! regards to Mr.K, In love with the book, Thanks n will let you know for sure n will invite you to My malgudi,


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