Recycled Post: Life as a series of yet another day.

Well. Am sorry that I kept my blog unattended for a long time. Couldnt helpt it, honestly. So just republished a old post of mine, If you have read, “Thirty One days in february” if not, this is that. Thanks Anu for tagging me, well that’s the next one, for I have to complete my project soon. Sorry Guys, promise to be regular once i’m done with that.

My alarm went wailing like a mad banshee. It was two in the morning. I should rather sleep now for I’m tired, even tired of being tired too. Its bit weird that I set my alarm to sleep. For waking up to the sound of an alarm is a next-to-impossible deed. I just couldn’t stop resisting the urge to throw it away when it rings.

I was on the whole not pleased with my day. I took a sip of my lemon flavored ice tea and felt heavenly. Lemon does that wonder to the senses. I love tea, it rejuvenates myself, (rather I feel rejuvenated) and also am a coffee freak too. It is quite strange for others to know or rather accept that I love tea and coffee equally. I remember my girl friend (girl as a friend) fighting with me for having made this statement. It is the nature of girls. Also she sometimes kind of gets strange when I talk to other girls. (the girlish pangs???)

For I never seen tea getting jealous (or ???) even when I longingly look at some one’s cup of coffee. But this is the exact opposite in the company of a girl, well one-not-so-intended look at someone opposite you. I promise. Its gonna be a war of words!

I remember another incident. It was my friend’s (again a girl) birthday. I was first to wish her and even got her a recent novel of her favorite author. Still she was hurt for having not complemented about her new dress (even it was me, who accompanied her to all the shops in Cross cut road to get that) And again this guy friend of mine, who was offended when I just commented on his new khadhi kurta (honestly his warbrode doesn’t know anything other than tees and jeans) and not on his Hayabooza. I drained the last sip of my tea and went inside my library. I was wondering, how different it is to be a girl and a boy. I was casually taking a look at the books. The answer came to me in the form of the book, “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”. How True!

I thought about my sleep and went to my bedroom. I saw my little bro, sleeping among the layers of blanket. He needs at least a dozen pillows and half a dozen blankets to sleep. Under normal conditions, he would have smiled and greeted me and cracked a good number of his poor jokes. I suppose even he had a bad day. When I spoke to him in the evening, he answered in his usual don’t-bother-me tone and glanced his mind-your-business look. Well Bro! I got the clue.
Now seeing him snuggled cosily in his bed among his pile of books, clothes, CDs, MP3 Player, mobile and what not. It looked more like an ancient excavation site where anything you name, from Oliver Twist to latest Cine-Blitz to Apple ipod can be unearthed. He loves to call it, “A Beautiful Mess of an orderly mind” He looks totally exhausted, his tousled long hair spread unevenly over the pillow, his hand over his head, a drool of dried saliva in the corner of his mouth, the new thin sprouting trail of beard on his cheeks, his favorite red crocodile tee, blankets thrown around his waist, his leg slightly out of his blanket. He looks calm and peaceful in his sleep, I prefer to call him a live pandemonium, when he is awake and at home for i couldn’t match his restlessness, rightly called ‘his bubbling with energy’ state and his never-tiring attitude.

Togetherness adds to beauty, be it the Hutch’s little boy and his dog or my lil bro and our ‘gentle-giantess’ German shepherd. Hope the reality won’t treat him harsh when he wakes up to his adulthood. I wish he has enough pain to grow up and grow on. I remember looking at him till my eyes become moist with the yellow light inside. He slightly moved in his sleep. I went round the bed and switched off the Winnie-The-Pooh table lamp. I touched it and felt something stirring inside me. The last gift from my parents, with that, every year it was always two different gifts for any occasion. It was then that life changed for us. When my brotherly instinct took on me, I started being this, from then, what I am to him now.

I looked out of the windows. The street lights are on. The road is empty except for the occasional whoosh of a vehicle. I belong to this time of earth, when I’m truly awake to me and my surroundings for I cease existing in the bustling day-time.

Yet again, the alarm went with a loud buzz. I came to my room, flicked my lighter on and lit my cigarette, and sat on the sofa. My dog sneezed her usual sneeze whenever I smoke. So I extinguished my cigarette with a gentle push on the ash-tray. My dog came and sat between my legs. I heard some muffled movements in the next room. I rested my head against the cushion and was about to give into my growing tiredness. I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder. “Good morning anna!”. I greeted him back with a sleepy smile. “Nightu thoongaliya?” (didn’t you sleep in the night?) I nodded a smiley no in reply. He gave his usual cheering smile and left. As he walked, he turned back and murmured something about tea. I remember drowsing on the sofa, he came back and woke me up with a cup of tea. Then he started rambling about his previous day’s events. I listened sleepily to him with occasional nods and smiles.

And yet another day set in.

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  1. Anu

    It was a touching post. The love that you both share is something precious, and Im sure it will last your lifetimes. As to the tea vs coffee, good for you! I am strictly a tea person, and my better half a coffee one ,so we never get to share a cuppa! 🙂


  2. PrAcHi

    Hay.. nice post.. Well written. Brothers do share some kind of bonding..N yeah.. u say abt tea n coffee? ask me.. I like Tea and Coffee and Milk.. in equeal amount of likingness. :D.. N yeah.. me too a girl!


  3. Vignesh

    Ya i do know him…So r u a student of vidhya vikalaya?? I hope u know Sudhakaran, he was from ur school he is a friend of sathik and he was my classmate at tech, and now my roommate!!!:))


  4. ani

    its nice way to protray one’s daily routine.. so surprising when we come to think of it.. how random our thoughts are.. and by what all it actually trigger’s it.. from random memories to something that we have heard or read.. and tea with lemon.. its just lovellyy especially when its raining.. hnnmmm heaven..


  5. My Musings

    @Anuhey anu, Thanks da. Actually that partly fictious non-fiction.And a big hi to ur better half.. let ur life be a shared cuppa tea n kaapi. :))@Prachi.. Thanks, Yup!!! brothers na???Happy to meeta girl who likes both tea and coffee. Haven’t heard of people (esp Girls)who loves both! @Ani….Just reminded of those chilly winter days,, oohh! Its really heaven.. thanks for blog rolling me….@ Vignesh,,,Dude. Its sucha small world, Had been so freakingly frequent to ur campus, I did ma entrance coaching campus there. many of ma friends are there, am too a PSG product… well Nice to know you buddy.. Didnt know Sudhakar much,but a nice guy, hope he still is… :))and Sathik, we’re LKG mates buddy… been in the same school during our primary and Hr sec education.. Nice meeting u Vicky…


  6. Vishnupriya Janardhanan

    That was a lovely ‘a day in my life’ post 😀 . . U and ur bro share a great bond 🙂Its wierd isnt it? You gotto like only one of the two ..cofee or tea , cats are dogs. . .And ppl are equally surprised when u say u dont like them both 😀


  7. Sonu Manola

    fiction and yet not being one.. thats your hallmark.. ace ace and a ball of an ace… !!!Fan forever.. ! PS: i lurvvvvvvvvvv Coffee!!! ;)… and keep writing.. as for me.. i have been dormant for a while … will pen down something may be by tonight… ! Peace..


  8. My Musings

    @ Vishnu,Thanks!and quite true people just cannot contain their surprise when u love both thingsas for me! am quite a both-lover tea n coffee, dogs n cats,Togetherness adds to beauty after-all,@sonu,Thank u so much, So nice of u! will sure keep writing!!!


  9. Animated Junk

    hey a nice write up on the simple events of yet a another day.its refrehin to see sumone musing on matters which most ppl dun mind.same pinch- i too love coffee n tea almost equally 😉As for gal being J abt the random stare which a guy gives to another thing…U cud put it like hmmm “its a gal thing “:)


  10. My Musings

    Sometimes! even guys get J when a girl with him gives a casual look on the other guy!! it happens da!and nice to know that u love both tea n coffee!!!thanks for dropping byyyyyyyyyy!!!


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