If only I had stopped by the woods once

Sometimes life is hard to understand. Every thing becomes the ‘Why of it’ in life. Why didn’t I do it? Why did I do that? Why should it happen this way? Why didn’t I think that way? Why was I so dumb? (To someone like me). Every time I think that, I had lived my life (till now) without any regrets. There would be something cropping up in my mind to stop this very thought of mine. The phone calls I never made, those phone calls I didn’t return, the unspoken thoughts, those ‘shouldn’t-have-spoken’ words, the letters I didn’t post and other hell of things- one such heavenly thought is, those beautiful eyes.

Two years back, when I was working for a private concern, I’d to travel to the outskirts of the city. I’d get down at a stop and walk some distance into the coconut farms. It was greenery sight with some palatial farm-houses around and a few green campuses of MNC. What I didn’t know was the small building which housed the most wonderful creation of God.

Everyday I saw this girl, she was not all that cute whom people would turn back to look again. Yet there was something beautiful about her (I know that I can’t help it, but I firmly believe that people are beautiful in one way or other) I thought she might be some rich landlord’s daughter/grand-daughter.

It became my habit to look for her in the farm everyday. There were times when I felt bad or disappointed when I didn’t get to see her. She was the kind of person, who looks into your eyes, when she tells you something. The graceful warmth of her dark eyes (eyes that tells you a thousand stories with few words) holds a genial glittering of the genuine smile. When you look at her, she wouldn’t turn back or stare straight at you. You can see her lovely face blossoming into a curvy beautiful smile. God! Wish I could do that rather than turn back embarrassed at every stranger, every time. I knew that I was quite attracted to the addictive twinkling smile of her eyes. What I couldn’t do was- Muster enough courage to talk to her.

One Evening, she waved at me. I just gave a small grin and continued walking when I knew the right thing was to stop and talk to her. My mind kept racing between the two possibilities. Should I stop for a little chat or should I ignore her and walk? I could have better stopped to talk. But what I did was totally stupid. My stupidity heightened to a greater pace, when I heard the honking of the bus horn. I took the bus, though unhappily. It was true- I stood before my mirror for hours together that night practicing the kind of smile that she smiles every time.

Later I shifted my place and availed the company’s cab facility. So I had to take a different route. After a month, when I walked through the familiar trail of trees, I couldn’t get a glimpse of the little angel’s face. I knew that she lived there. But I couldn’t find her. Nobody around there knew anything about her. I felt a painful numbness getting on me. I knew that it wouldn’t be the same or rather I wouldn’t be the same anymore

After a year I came to know about the destitute children’s home (where she lived) near our concern. One of my colleagues was a frequent visitor. He knew the girl. She was adopted by a young couple. All I knew about her till today- her name is Yamuna. She is seven years old. Deep down, I knew that she gave a meaning to someone’s life.

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  1. Anu

    Thats a lovely story. The brightest spot is that she was adopted, There are so many children who arent adopted. A kind word or a smile in this world has become such a rare gift


  2. mirrorcracked

    This is such a touching post… Is this a true incident? It reads so true! Every child born into this world is beautiful… A smile costs us nothing… We should do it more often… Thats the difference between children and grown-ups – children smile without thinking, whereas we think of a million different things before smiling! 🙂


  3. My Musings

    yup! a true one Nikhil, bit fictionized, i always wish i remain a little boy,as how joseph heller tells, “when I grew up, i want to be a little boy,”@ one point everyone is a child, but we’re too involved with useless things of life, that we forget to live and start existing!!!“children smile without thinking, whereas we think of a million different things before smiling! :)”Nice one buddy!!!


  4. alex

    Bharat,The tag that you gave me more than a month back is complete.I urge you to read my post on ‘sins’ if you haven’t already.


  5. prajyot

    well thanks for visitngmy blog..i was indeed happy to see ur feedback…well i really liked this post a lot..it was really toching…i would say its a ACE post…


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