Happy Birthday Blog.

I know that i am Destined to write. A year went with a yearning for my blogging memories. It must have started with A faded star and The forever letter of gratitude. On and off, i was regular and irregular. Looking back, i could well see how I’d been through my journey.

I should be less thankful and more grateful to you, for you’ve been the sole reason for my going on. Yes it is you, my reader, for your patience with my words and thoughts. Those comments and criticisms, appreciations and encouragements, those pats and praises, the inputs and insights shared and experienced. It certainly sounds vulgar when i just tell a thank you. (Courtesy acknowledged) and honestly I promise to keep this chain going.

For my readers, i would like to tell this bit of information, what i write is not alone what I’m and what i don’t write is not what I’m not. I strive to strike a balance. As Sartre says, “And since the freedom of the author and reader seek and affect each other through a world, it can just as well be said that the author’s choice of a certain aspect of the world determines the reader and, vice versa, that it is by choosing his reader that the author decides upon his subject.” I choose to defy this. As i greatly believe in this thought of mine, “For a reader picks up his writer, and not the other way round.”

And the same old promise, that I’ll keep writing more and to others I promise to read more and more as how some of my friends feel that there is a lagging in the reader me.

An excerpt from my favorite previous post, “I know People, like, hate, despise or feign liking my writing .Honestly I can’t help it. But I owe a lot to everyone who has been a source of constant encouragement and support. I kindly expect that they continue the same for I knew that it is in their kind nature to be so. Also I warmly welcome any suggestions, but certainly don’t ask me to stop writing, for I also knew that some people will much appreciate that effort of mine more. Yet it is a pure blissful pain to write, a kind of pain that I love to inflict much on me. I knew for myself that it is my insanity that keeps me writing. My thoughtless thoughts have somehow evolved through the year, which also makes me feel complete when I write. It has also helped me to grow up with my reading too. I read enough to write. Also I write enough so that I can still read.”

It means a lot to me when people (known and unknown) grant me permission or give me liberty to share some of their and our stories and experiences. I thank them whole-heartedly. With all this, I wish my Blog a very happy birthday. “Babe, you mean a lot to me.” I thank My Musings for keeping me faithfully fit with enough inspirations.

My one definite pick for the reader of mine as my blog’s birthday gift would be “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom. A definite vegetable soup for every soul. Here’s a review by a fellow blogger for you.

P.S. I thank my friend Manoj for this little favour. You made my day, Minko

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  1. Anu

    hi,Thanks for your condolence message on my blog. Being an irregular blogger, your post made me rethink my attitude towards bloggingThanksAnu


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