a Journey called Life…

He was looking forward for the journey. To him it is a fantasy to travel, where he can unwind him, himself and his life. Those nights when he travels in the bus, he recollects a thousand memories from his life to relive them. Some most memorable, some strange, some bad, some weird, yet it is his memories, he cannot undo anything about that. There is something gracious in the acceptance of those memories.

When nature brings her grace down the earth and blackens the day, he rests his head on the window sill and gazes at the road outside. He dives into his own universe of contemplation. Life passes by, like the scenery outside the window. There is an understanding that he derives in seeing the parallel road. There is always another track, but never THE right track. The highways, the not-so-good government buses or Volvos, something in them attracts him. He couldn’t stop wondering the wonderment that happens inside him.

The sights, the lights, the images of the night and the people in his life try to tell him some story, of which he could make no sense. In spite of all, there is this truth, that he had acknowledged long back; it is quite a tempting quest. “The better way to overcome a temptation is yielding into it.” The inherent urge to look forward through the window and to look back at those passed images shows him his curious as well as his nostalgic natures. He sets his world in the rewind mode and takes a tour back in time to learn from the life he had lived. But he couldn’t gain control over anything that goes past him or the things that he had walked past. Everything zips by him, before he could give a glance. This taught him the truth that had been growing fearfully inside him for a while. Some things are meant to be never seen again.

He learnt that, Life, like every journey has a destiny of its own, but it sincerely gives autonomy. As a taker of his journey, he never learnt this little truth/trick. Many times, when the wind of destiny blows hard enough to upset the journey, he forgets to remember that it was a breeze initially in the start. He wakes unto the reality to face it. But now he had learnt to take time to enjoy the chilling winds and the caressing breeze and to make the most of his journey to discover the best of his destinies. He sat staring at the myriad images of the night through his window.

When he could no longer contemplate, he took out his ear-phone and plugged in the music. It was indeed soothing-


It was a message from his friend, “once again wish u the very best for ur journey called life.. cheers!” He smiled. With all that, he now gave into his growing tiredness of the night.

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  1. mirrorcracked

    Wow!amazing! I’m about to go on a trip to gokarna, and this is just what I needed to put a mile on my face throughout the trip! I love the part where you say that the best way to deal with temptations is to yield to them! 🙂


  2. Samiha

    For someone who cribs about ‘good writing, you do a pretty neat job…maybe, conventional journalism does not allow room for creative freedom right now.but then only journalists with unique writing styles make it as great writers..good going..tata


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