9 minutes of absolute freedom.

Remember reading it in some blog, Thought I’ll take the tag and write (also the author have given complete autonomy to take tags from his blog). Well It should be whatever that comes to your mind within 9 minutes.

If I get nine minutes of absolute freedom, I will
a) Give me full liberty to do everything that I wanted to.
b) Become a total anonymous person.
c) DO only things that I want to do and I love to do (Nothing doing about other Damn things)
d) will value every second of my life ( I can see that 2 minutes is over now)
e) will change the way I love. (I love to work, I mean earning something, Any decent job for that matter)
f) wouldn’t feel bad/guilty about anything.
g) will yield to all possible healthy temptations of mine.
h) will love to go deaf on certain people.
i) Will write more, sing more and dance more (remembering those days in 36, Manchester and 210, Brindavan and those exhausted seven souls who tried downloading some dance into me).
j) Wouldn’t care a damn about those printed papers.
K) will walk in the world as if I’ve got nothing to do.
l) Will eat more and sleep more.
m) will parent (not biologically) at least half-a-dozen kids.
n) Explore and discover the world more.
o) Will spend the rest of my life with more books n music and less people.
p) pamper myself and spoil the brat out of me.
q) Will tag every blogger’s blog that i love to read.
r) Its okay Baru, wake up now.

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  1. mirrorcracked

    Hey! Nice blog you’ve got here!! I’m a regular from now on… 🙂thanks for tagging me… I’ll get down to it soon… It really sounds interesting!! Nine minutes, huh? Hmmm… 🙂


  2. My Musings

    @ Vishesh,Most welcome buddy! looking forward to read yours.@ Abhishek,hope cbe is fine n u drive safe n speed. @Mirrorcracked,Thanks pal, Yup just let it get down on you n write ! CHEERS


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