The Metamorphosis

Yet another memory. When I was a sophomore, This event happened. A miracle we witnessed. Thanks to Nishanth. He was the one who found the caterpillar. He took that and brought it to me, I was well wonder-struck, and thanked him for that prize less possession. I touched it, it felt like a shell. It was like a tight and compact shell with all the appendages tightly packed. It didn’t move, but I felt it made some sounds or vibrations. A few people stared as we admired the caterpillar, but the sight of it was quite extraordinary, at least for us.

We decided to keep it in our room, everyday I would take that and keep it in my hand, feel it moving, vibrating or making some sound, I was well fascinated by that, and fine after sometime we didn’t bother much with that. Exams were over and we went home. I totally forgot the pupa. When I returned back from holidays and opened the room, I found a beautiful black butterfly, inside the room. I called Nishanth and told him, He was also very excited about it. And we decided to keep it in our room for the day, so that he would also see it. Around ten that night, he called me back asking me to let go off the butterfly. I happily did that. Even now I feel bad about missing the miracle, the metamorphosis of the butterfly.



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