Fifty Five lives: Top Ten Countdown

Well. It was sometime back, that I saw in my Friend’s blog; Quite liked it, Thanks for the permission. Thought that it will make a good reading.

Ten Realizations.
10) Many of my friends still don’t read my blog.
9) I’m actually alive.
8) I just cannot halt anywhere in life.
7) Still I’m poor, very poor in Hindi, The National Language.
6) No matter How hard I try, there are certain things that I can’t help.
5) I still need to grow up.
4) Nothing in life is unworthy.
3) There are No short-cuts.
2) Accept and move on.
1) Its a great realization that I’ve realized all the above-mentioned things.

Nine Things I’m glad that
9) I’m just I’m.
8) I’m here in this world at this time.
7) I read, I write, I blog.
6) I’ve met actress Revathy and talked to her.
5) I’m the youngest kid @ home.
4) Once in a while, I get good food in the mess.
(The last time was about two months back).
3) There is always someone to sponsor me a chai or coffee (ahem-ahem!!).
2) I’ve bugged someone to tag me.
1) I’m a Potterian.

Eight things I badly wanna
8) Let go off my prejudices.
7) Be patient and give God more time.
6) Somethings to remain the same.
5) Tell you those things.
4) Stop searching for answers. Go and get drunk once.
3) Say NO and ENOUGH for I’ve learned enough pleasantries.
2) Name my home, “Malgudi“.
1) Die, when I’m busy living.

Seven Things I often tell myself
7) To answer life’s little knocks.
6) Gratitude is all about keeping the process going. {Courtesy: JB ma’m}
5) Spend Time to earn Memories.
4) Nobody can let you down (both literally and figuratively).
3) Watch your life.
2) Get addicted to something in life. There are healthy addictions in life.
(For instance: Books, Music, Positive People)
1) BE silent enough to listen to your inner Voice(s).

Six People I wanna thank now
* Dad n Mom, for without them, I wouldn’t be here. My brother for being there. My sweet Puppy for accepting me as her pet.
# JB ma’m and CRS ma’m for everything and every other thing I’ve learnt and for teaching me and letting me be your student.
* Anu akka for giving me the idea of a Blog and being there for me as a sister,whenever I wanted to polambify (whine away to glory). For my senior Asif anna, for reading whatever I’ve written and for the honest comments.
#Manoj for the inspiration that I’ve inspired from You. Well also a big-bear thanks.
* My School and college friends (Seniors, Peers and Juniors) for those fun-filled days called Life.
# My Princess for having taught me how to move on in life.

Five Things I believe
5) Prayer
4) Music
3) Words
2) Love
1) Humanity.

Four people I tag
d) Karthik
c) Ashwin
b) Manoj
a) Alex

Three Confessions
3) I am good at nothing.
2) I am bad at everything.
1) Am not that easy to be a confessor.

Two Promises
2) I will not become Somebody.
1) Live and let live.

One Prayer
“Thy humble humanity! Give me the serenity to smile, even in the life’s most awkwardly turbulent situation, for i have nothing worthy to share other than my smile” – Barath N.

Also I tag:
Divya Lalrem Arun John Feline Musings

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  1. Nature's Design

    Good one!! I could soooo hear JB ma’am’s voice when you quoted her(“Gratitude….) And Barath, i must tell u im offended.. Coz in college friends,u only mentioned seniors and juniors.. U ditched us-ur own batchmates.. Hence,i shall not read ur blog anymore..


  2. Muhil

    Well Bhaai, It is really nice that you’ve realized all these and wrote it down. Most of us don’t do this. Which is often responsible for our chaotic lives.good job, as always.


  3. Minkowsky revamped

    thankooo for tagging.. 🙂 I too loved this idea of tagging!! and also thanks for your kind words for me.. they are very precious for me, they really are!! (I know your philosophy about thanking and all but i have told you about mine too.. so not this time.!!)cheers mate !! and lage raho.. 🙂< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Minko..<>


  4. My Musings

    To muhilThanks da! suhirtha! I would really love to see you in this space where u can express urself well. Do consider ur senior’s requestTo MinkoAm honoured. Yup I meant that and It means a lot to me.


  5. Abhishek Chandru

    Let me say something nice for a you, this post was some amazing reading!! i paused every sentence and figured out my side of the life before i carried on reading the next sentences. Nice one man, keep rockin.


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