It happens in a cyber-cafe

I just got reminded of one incident that happened years back. well one of my class mates was not much acquainted with the online world or how it works. One day as promised earlier, we went to a nearby Cybercafe, We got one system and started working, well I showed her how to create an email, send mails, normal surfing, searching n stuff like that. I could sense that she was bit uncomfortable through out the time. Then when I causally peeped into the system next to us. I was bit shocked.

Actually she was sitting right to me and three guys next to her was actually watching you-know-what. I felt a bit comfortable, even angry at how people can be inconsiderate. It was not even a separate cubicle or there were some barriers separating systems. Wouldn’t they think twice before actually watching such stuff openly or wouldn’t they even give a thought about the presence of a girl? I, after considerable thinking asked her to shift her side. She was all puzzled. I’ve a doubt till today. Did she really notice what those boys were doing? or is it that I happened to see that and asked her to change sides so that she wouldn’t see what’s happening? We left in an hour. And after that we never spoke about it! and now she is quite an online freak, if I can call her so. But guys just learn this. You will never know how a girl’s mind works!

I heard from my good friend, who happened to be her room-mate in their college days. She, (supposedly the girl with whom I went to the cybercafe) told her(my good friend) how during the process, I asked her to change her seat, so that I can actually check what those guys were browsing!

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  1. Minkowsky revamped

    hey man.. nice story but i am not very sure that ‘Mano’s guidan..’ (??) wow.. i didn’t know that.. thanks anywayz for letting me know my abilities… (I m still puzzled ;( )< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Minko..<>


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