Much ado about nothing

Well. For people still who believe in the tag, “Unity In Diversity”. Please wake up, Things are pretty different, even indifferent. We had a week long rejuvenation of spirit, as how it is called. I somehow also happened to witness the dampening of spirits. It just happened to be that people in the event management least bother about the participants or the audience. Its always about how everything is organised in a larger scale, everything blown out of proportion. And our seniors tell this year’s Sukoon was quite good, well its upto others to imagine what it was eralier.

Even I had been waiting for this event, and also we’d the other event called Mediations. So we weren’t much infected with the Sukoon Spirit. Well no proper schedule for the events as planned went on. It happens, may be in and around ten to fifteen minutes, but certainly not hours together and also certain events were totally re-scheduled. Well there are the final year students who wanted to perform in any event, as its their last year, Well some had been in disappointments. The importance was all in how they hand-picked the chief guests, who were quite known as comical figure (well that’s an interesting read). People, I mean the participants were all taken for granted, who they think will hang around for hours, as they think, Participants has nothing else to do. I always had problems with this concept of being a chief guest. One who is always ahead of time and makes it late, just to show-off. I knew people, who when they were invited as chief guests, been on time and waited for the events to begin.

As being a chief guest twice in my life, I learnt two things which I would gladly share as a tip with my readers.
1) Always try to be there at the exact time or 10 to 15 minutes before to know well about the people who have invited you.
2) And don’t ever depend on food and transport. Be on your own.

I just wanted to convey this thing, That people have no tolerance for the musical or theatrical or cultural performance and least amount of respect for the talent and the performers. All they prefer is dance, down to earth (in all aspects) kind of dance, to make fun, mock the performers, jump in frenetic joy. Well Things are different now. Ultimately it is all about how wild they can conduct a carnival and how wild people can turn or how low people can stoop to have (oh! My God!) good time( Well that’s for another post). Guys Sukoon sucks!!!

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