Actress Revathy was here !!!!

Twenty nineth march was the day I’ve been waiting so badly. I never-ever thought that I’ll meet her in my life. No more suspense. Actress Ms.Revathy Menon was here in our campus. I should tell now that I’ve been a big fan of Revathy right from the age when I saw her as the mother, Mrs Chitra Sekar of marakavemudiyatha Thevathai (unforgettable angel) Anjali . Then there are very good movies of hers Devar Magan, Priyanka, Magalir mattum, Pudhiya mugam, Punnagai mannan, Mouna raagam, Marupadiyum, Paasa malargal, Avadharam, Idhaya thaamarai, Arangetra velai and many more and serials like Kadhai kadhaiyaam karanamaam. Chinna chinna aasai, Doctors, Revathy and many more. Sorry became bit nostalgic, I miss tamil movies very much now.

And Ms.Revathy started with telling us, that she thinks with her heart and not with her brain. Man! She is a woman of substance, She firmly refused to be a feminist, She prefers to be a humanist believing in Human rights, children rights and animal rights. She spoke about her twenty plus years of life in cinema. She is proud for having been there and working with them(Which others, called the male-dominated industry. I’m very sure she didn’t any such term). She told us that she had never faced any discrimination. She had an all women crew for her movie, Mitr-My friend, and she even said that she also wanted to work with male members to keep things going. She felt bad about the how lesser number of women enter intho the technical aspects of film-making.

Revathy known for her the-girl-next-door look and her gracious smile, answered that some roles she acted, had great impact on her especially being the mother of spastic child. She is a volunteer in Sevalaya, Vidya Sagar, The Banyan, Ability foundation. She is a person who believes in happy endings. And this can be evident in many of her ventures. she narrated how she was moved when one HIV POSITIVE person appreciated her efforts. She firmly believes that Life is all about reaching out and touching lives and this means so much to me. It was such an reassurance for me as I remember many times, how I have been spoken about for my unshakable belief in emotions and sentiments. Its all about being a human.

When asked about issues in society regarding ‘being single’, she made this beautiful statement. In a world where you are just a dot in millions and millions of people. It is your spouse who witnesses your life. And either being single or married is more about how you live your life. She said that the the relationship between man and woman becomes more beautiful, if they could appreciate the differences and accept people for what they are.

When talked about parents and children, she recalled her childhood. She stated that the bond between the mother and child becomes strong, if the child goes through any major incident in life and we can understand the anxieties of motherhood only when we have our own children. A child when grown-up is in a better position to understand the mother’s feelings and it is quite natural to keep rebelling in the growing-up phase.

After the event, we (My blog-buddy Manoj{the one in the pic} and I) talked to her. And I introduced myself as a student of Dr(Mrs) Jayanthasri Balakrishnan, Reader in English, PSG college of Arts and Science, a good friend of her and a regular speaker in Pudhumai Penngal, a talk show on women and women’s issues in K Tv. Ms.Revathy told me that she shares many things common with Mrs.Balakrishnan (Avid readers, Dog lovers for instance). She believes in meeting people and talking with them, over anything in life.

I’m writing about this event mainly to appreciate how I’m glad that she was here in our campus and talked with us. I’m happy and feel so good that I’d met her. What else can a person like me, who grew up watching her, can expect?

P.S. My blog buddy Manoj has also blogged about the visit. Kindly drop in here for another view.

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  1. Subhash

    I got an opportunity to meet her in 2004 at India International Centre, Delhi.She is a generous lady,she gave me full one hour and listened to me.Nice to see her latest pics.aashish


  2. The Seeker

    Hello Kalki,me too. A very talented actress and also the most respected lady in the industry, An inspiration…Yeah Aashish, She is one great woman, a wonderful person at heart and that is the most happiest day for me to having met her!!!


  3. Anonymous

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!


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