My Experiments with Difference.

I just couldn’t wait for May 14th and even had put a countdown for that. Fine. That it is what I intended not to talk about now. I have been thinking too much (when I say too much, its really too much) especially after having recently met this interesting guy and unfortunately for him I still keep meeting him (and hey people who think it is you. Am sorry). And hey it is definitely not you now.
I wondered, even am wondering and no matter what happens, I’ll keep wondering how different I am from others. Have you ever thought about this? There are times when I stop doing/ working to start thinking about this. Many times I don’t get proper answers and eventually I get bored, So I resume back to my work.
Being busy, doing nothing gives me all the time on earth, to think, but how I wish the day has more than 24 hours (Yup Buddy just because you told me this, it doesn’t meant that I meant you, Just imagine how many souls will wish on the same line, just like you) It happens to everyone. There are times when I wished to shrink the day, Yes. Honey, I shrunk the day!I did a thorough case to case analysis with eight of my specimen-friends to check how I’m different from others. Here it goes
AIM: To prove how different I am from others.
MATERIALS USED: Eight specimens-Friends are randomly taken for experiment after a thorough study on them, NO names-dropping business. They are allotted each an initial (in some cases names) for experimental purpose, which will be kept confidential.
SPECIMENS: Ms.T a leo, Mr.M a libran, Ms.PrinT cease a sagittarian, Mr.Sin As An a leo, Mr.AAA (A^3) an arian, Ms.Anna Gates a leo, Ms.An Sri a scorpion, Mr.BMK a libran and Mr.Be En an aquarian, the main subject of study. It just randomly happened to be equal number of males and females. If you wish, greatness can be attributed to the author’s belief in You Know What equality.
DISCLAIMER: Claims in any form is thoroughly not discouraged. Any resemblance to the living character(s) is intentionally coincidental. And also NO means or methods of torture or infliction of pain for the sake of gaining knowledge or for greater good was exercised on the above mentioned specimen-friends. So I reassure that great care was taken on this ground and also I humbly welcome all activists of any sort( humans/living beings/animals) to stay away from this study for the lesser good.
PROCEDURE: It’s important to know that 8 specimen-friends randomly selected, after a careful study don’t know each other, in some cases they were not even aware of the other’s existence. However after the completion of experiment, the subjects can be introduced to each other and allowed to socialize for effective results. It is important to know at least 20 unique characteristic qualities of the main subject so as to compare with other specimen-friends.
1)An innocently confused look
2)A hard-core Potterian
3)Non Stop No-Non sense 24*7 (highly dangerous for others)
4)Tendency to be jobless to any extent of time
5)No sense of time
6)Hopeless Romantic (If you can get, what it means here)
7)Killer smile (some specimens prefer to call so)
8)An uncanny talent for cracking the poorest of poor jokes
9)High levels of stupidity (thoroughly Noncontagious)
10)A serious conviction of not to take anything seriously (God Help Him)
11)Inherent Nature/obsession to love anything that walks in four legs
12)Compulsive Identity Disorder (a serious mental order in which the person identifies/thinks of identifying with anything that he/She meets)
13)A Full Fledged Labelist.
14)An Avid people watcher
15)Died-Hard Nocturnal
16)Big time foodie
17)Tendency to suddenly retreat to silence ( A calm before a Storm)
18)One ideology to not to believe in any ideology
19)Highly contemplative and pen sieve in nature (In short A Visionary)
20)Deep rooted belief in being a No-body.
A quick review of the 8 specimen-friends to the main subject (hence forth referred as Be En) shows that.
Ms.T a leo and a recent acquainted friend, she herself being a soft-core potterian differs with Be En when it comes to 4 legged creatures who simply cannot love any other non-pearly dog. she speaks when necessary, never been a labelist, not much of a visionary and cannot simply stand up to be as same as Be En.
Ms.PrinT cease a sagittarian who doesn’t believe in romance, no wonder fell for the killer smile. They are simply a best example for the Physics Truest law, “Opposites Attract”. Otherwise Ms PrinT cease is a contradiction to Mr Be En in everything.
Mr.M, a libran being an independent thinker, quite sportive with high appreciation for music, also a balanced self-tist with an innocent looking face combined with a cute-kidoo smile doesn’t share anything considerable (except a common background) shows that they are different, especially Mr M, with little needed serious attitude doesn’t go with the hopeless romantic nature of Be En. This is the main difference between a libran and an aquarian.
Mr.Sin As An, again a leo, being a singer himself, a mentor big-bro image to Be En quite appreciates his abnormal junior for his abnormally normal qualities. Also once confessed that he cannot be abnormally normal. Other than sharing the Killer-smile and the uncanny talent. Mr Sin As An, also a scientist is highly different from Be En.
Mr.AAA (A^3), an arian was once an alien to Be En. He a relaxed looking guy with similar aspirations to remain nobody in life and also a foodie differs from Be En in matters of philosophy, outlook and romance. No wonder they can be friends. Mr A^3 being a practical person, stands afar in various aspects, and he who speaks very limitedly, that too, very normally has some reasonable love for 4-legged creatures. Mr AAA will definitely wish to be different.
Ms.Anna Gates, who like other leos in the study is quite appreciative of Be En, her junior, rakhi bro is also aware of his Youngest kid tactics. Ms Anna, a biological carrier of an infectious smile always wonders just like the author how Mr. Be En can be different from the rest of the crew.So Ms Anna, herself is a testimony to the differently-enabled-nature of Be En. It is interesting to note here, in the study how a distinct pattern emerges in the differences between Leos and Aquarian.
Ms.An Sri, a scorpion, was never deadly to our aquarian. In fact nobody can be as stupid as Be En to actually have thanked a girl who proposed him(well that’s another story). A musical and a colorful genius, quite a sport who can never be romantic appreciates Be En for his qualities. She, though being an hard-core potterian hated most of his stupidly profound philosophy, but this didn’t prevent her to be a foodie. She being an anti 4-legged creatures, just cannot imagine the thought of being with dogs, if there was a silent stupid nodding smile instead of a thank you(people, got the story now).
Mr.BMK (sounds like a political party name), second libran, who unfortunately acquainted with Be En recently, at times cannot simply put up with the highly intervening and tormenting nature of Be En. (for that matter, Who Can) . Also Mr BMK, with a fan-following is specially skilled in strings and gifted with a musical voice is different. Though they share same bits and pieces of some philosophy and being inspiring to Be En, they are ultimately different. When paths become different ? will people also? Well that’s a philosophy . But here they are not the same.
RESULT: Sometimes all it takes is accepting the differences. So here in accordance with the acceptance rule, It has been clearly proved that the Subject Be En is thoroughly different from the above eight specimen-friends. And If asked to prove anything, firmly stick to, it been shown disproved. That’s the trick of the trade.
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  1. Balaji

    Good effort Bharath. I’ve enjoyed this blog more than others… Your writing is fantastic and the suspense effect can make anyone read till the end, even a persson like me who never reads much (infact lazy to read – chumma abstract reader avlodhaan). Good work – hope to see more like this in future…Hats off…Balaji


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