Falling in Love….

Is it a sin to be still single at 22? The mostly stupid and frequently asked question. I wonder, am I an amoeba to multiply. Go back to basic biology. Human beings are multi cellular organisms (they multiply,but differently). I give different answers everytime, The last answer was, “Yup I broke up.” I told what eventually will happen.

The other time, the question was “Aren’t you tired of being single?” Does it work this way too? One becomes double or multiples of singles when one becomes ultra tired. Frankly speaking I now don’t have high hope(s) on this divinely feeling. Sorry!

Ultimate cynical or sarcastic comment will be “Experience Speaks?” Yup! Let it – Big Deal.

I remember quotes like.. “Love hurts too much”. but remember it hurts too much even when a dog bites. There is no big difference and please dont make a big hue and cry over this now!
Love happens only once, The rest is just life.I was ofcourse carried away by this statement. Till now I honestly dont understand this. Is love something that is larger than life? am yet to make sense out of it.

The other quote which fascinated me much is “Love is inane. It just needs inane reasons to happen and to fade away.” I rather found the complete meaning in this quote of Jayakanthan. To accept that love is inane, one need not be inane. Love is a good humour. Its rather depressing to see people getting structured in this social structure. I remember the words of my Professor of English, ” I ask my students to rise in love and not fall in love.” How true! people do fall but they dont try to rise up in love.

Is love a mere commitment? an oppurtunity or a responsiblity? why is it always blown out of proportion? what is that about love that makes all fuss about being in it! Again as She tells “you are rather in love with love than with the person.” but ultimately one has to live with the person and not with the projected or imagined image. I would definitely go for anyone who puts up with my weirdest of weird habits, all it matters is how one ends up living under one roof! for I honestly till now haven’t learned to share even my tooth paste (mind it, not tooth brush) with my room-mate.

Also I see people rushing into relationships, sit down and stretch back, one has all the time on earth to think about things, but why this mad rush into it? when life rushes you back, dear you cannot simply bear it! Is getting into a relationship as easy as getting into an unreserved compartment? Thankfully there are four doors to get out if necessary and more windows so that it doesn’t suffocate one. I talk about the space that this relationship gives. Honestly love is all about being more than one and less than two. When the We overtakes the I. Isn’t it wonderful then ? It takes a lot to be a somebody to someone and also being that someone to somebody too!

I am not against anyone’s feeling for who am I to judge on them? But for me love, like everything else has its own limits. I beleive in the finite love, there has to be a time when I should stop loving, a fine place where I let go the loved ones, and I know for sure that I can only love to an extent for I have other things in life which are equally worth every ounce of love.

Inspired by the a single statement recently read in a post. Its my humble opinion. Most welcome to defy and deny it.

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  1. Vignesh

    mis-spelt a word in d last commet:)a great analysis da…do ur Phd in psychiatry:)what i feel is there is no such universal feel called love, the marketers and media have coined a word to generalize. Its personal, and it is unique, and perceiving love depends on his/her own experiences, i believe thr should be not be any universally acceptable standards for love. If u wish it, then be it.:)


  2. My Musings

    Yeah true wehen it comes to the so-called boy-girl love,”what i feel is there is no such universal feel called love, the marketers and media have coined a word to generalize.” so much shown, so much talked about, so much hyped being in it.. Its personal, and it is unique, and perceiving love depends on his/her own experiences,Its pure and personal.. Seriously why should we set in acceptable standards for love, sounds like a perishable coomdity!!!


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