One fine afternoon.

Many afternoons, I sit alone and enjoy my lunch. Thinking back about my old college and school days, when we go in big groups to dine in our mess, people tell us that we look like a mob of protesters (certainly not hunger protest). Never knew that I will be easily used to this transition. Now I started appreciating the company of people as often I lunch alone. This comes with an advantage where you don’t have anyone around you to pester. You don’t need to stop eating or chewing or help with another hand to answer (most of the) any annoying questions asked. I being an avid People Watcher , take all the liberty while eating to catch up with my habit. I wonder how different everyone is, some are amazingly interesting, boring to the core, some little weird, some completely, some are strange yet cool, some stupid (of course like me). I rather learn how to healthily appreciate the eccentricity of life and lives. But sometimes How strange is that some faces get easily imprinted in our mind ?

I remember seeing him, rather his face for the first time in the mess. He looked familiar enough to remind me (rather I wanted him/his face to remind me) of my friend’s brother. From then I keep looking for him in the mess. Sorry I forgot to mention. People usually love to know how one looks. Well ( am not so good in describing people. Anyways.) He exactly looked like my friend’s brother who is working in Microsoft Corporation, United States. And.

One fine afternoon, as usual, I was late to the mess. I prefer to eat at this time, as the crowd will be less. He came and sat opposite to me. I looked at him stupidly and smiled brightly,rather to myself. Unfortunately I had chicken and he, the usual course (sambhar, rasam, porriyal and curd). I felt little embarrassed for no reason. It would be certainly uncomfortable for Vegans to eat among non-vegetarian food lovers. Many times, I prefered veg-food, when dining out with friends to give my vegan-friends company, while I wistfully look at the non-veg dishes on the table. Its quite funny to listen people rambling about their food habits : Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, eggetarian. flexitarian, in-betwe(en)tarian… Why bother as long as anything and everything is edible!

Coming back to our fine afternoon, I often use a kerchief when I eat, to keep tears off my eyes and to wipe my nose. (Untypical Andhra cuisine. Mind It!!! Its MESS food. So No offence meant here.) people here must be lucky for having used to this spiciness. I remember him being thoroughly comfortable in the mini-noon feast. But tell me about this Konghura Chutney. I still haven’t tasted that dish. I think he might be from Telegana or Rayalaseema. He didnt seem knowing enough about this. In our place Chettinad is the most hot n happening spicy cuisine.

I suppose summer has set in, as I feel hot n sultry inside the mess. We just had summer showers in our place. I don’t even remember seeing much rain here in the rainy season. I don’t even know him then. Hmmm. Now I don’t see him often in the mess, also I heard that he, being a final year student was busy with his project. I’m quite free, literally jobless too, but still I don’t find time to eat. Then he being busy, must find it difficult too. One should always eat healthy to think better, but I eat better to think healthily.

Then he got up soon to leave. Am sorry I haven’t yet learnt to eat fast, It has always been difficult for me to eat rather gulp fast. I enjoy every bit and being of the food. I can even leave after sometime for I have nothing important to do. And. Please remember to have your meals regularly.

Thanks for the good time, I rather had a good conversation with me after a long time, for many afternoons I sit alone to enjoy my food.

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  1. Minkowsky revamped

    UoH MESS has taught me “How to be detached to one of the basic needs of our lives ??”. and I am thankful to it.. I can very much see the <>Autobiographical aspect<> in this post.. 😉cheers< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Minkowsky..<>


  2. Anu

    hi thangam… this just reminded me of vattathin moolayil!!! and of course the time i spent in my mess… its true that sometimes its so nice without all that poor jokes.. without people around… but its not so always, infact most of the times!!!


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